5 Maintenance Tips For Your Car During Winter

5 Maintenance Tips For Your Car During Winter

1. Visibility

Winter driving comes with post-2one major hazard, the sun sets a bit earlier in the day, meaning there’s less daylight especially when you commute back home. In this case, it’s wise to do all you can to ensure all your vehicle lights are in great working condition, to provide the brightest possible illumination they possibly can.

Fix any worn-out bulbs before winter starts, and if remove any snow covering exterior lights before you set out to drive. If there are yellow or foggy lights, it’s a good idea to replace them or find an easy restoration kit.


2. Coolantpost-3

Antifreeze, also known as coolant is very beneficial to your car since it helps to prevent the engine from freezing in the cold winter temperatures. Before winter starts, make sure that your vehicle isn’t low on coolant, and check to see if there are any other leaks from the engine that would drain out the coolant. Most mechanics usually recommend a 50/50 mix of coolant and water, which helps to lower the engine freeing point further.



3.Washer fluipost-4d and Gasoline

What do washer fluid and gasoline have in common? Well, these are the two most crucial automotive items you should always keep full in winter. Yo
u should always try to have a full tank for a number of reasons, such as preventing accumulated water from freezing inside the fuel pump, and will also help you to stay warm, as it allows the engine to keep running should you get stuck. Similarly, it’s extremely important to have a full windshield washer reservoir since messy road debris from a snowstorm might require constant windscreen washing.

4.Tires and Tire Pressure

Although all-wheel drive is confidence inspiring during acceleration, it won’t help you when braking and turning. In this case, winter tires are necessary for places where the temperature drops to below 45 degrees, post-5as they’re more capable of keeping their flexibility in low temperatures. They can, therefore, provide improved traction as you turn on a cold pavement or when you’re trying to stop.

In addition, it’s very important to keep track of the tire pressure during the cold seasons. Tire pressure usually drops along with the surrounding air temperature, which could mean unpredictable handling, premature tire wear, or tread separation that could eventually lead to a major accident. Don’t forget to let a little air out as temperatures start to rise in the spring.


5.Check your Battery

post-6The sure way for detecting a faulty or weak battery is with professional equipment. Also, it’s usually more difficult for batteries to operate in cold weather than in warm weather. A volt test on your battery before winter is vital to make sure the battery is working properly. If it’s not, get a new one as soon as you can to avoid being the one stranded in the parking lot
with a car that just won’t start.

Tips for Choosing Winter Tires for Your Kelowna BC Vehicles

Tips for Choosing Winter Tires for Your Kelowna BC Vehicles


Time For Winter Tires In Kelowna BC


As winter months approach, it is vital to make sure that your home and vehicle are prepared. Switching to high-quality winter tires early on will help to ensure that you are ready for the inevitable snow and ice that blankets Kelowna through the season.


While your all season tires are fine for warmer temperatures, when the thermometer drops, so does their ability to function optimally. Winter tires use special rubber that stays flexible even during extreme cold. This flexibility is what allows the tire to maintain grip and you to control your car.


Sometimes called snow tires, winter tires are beneficial due to the temperatures and are useful even when the roads are cold and dry.


Because of the variety of cold weather conditions  seen in British Columbia, it is important that you select your winter tires accordingly. Your tires should have a pictograph featuring a snowflake inside of a mountain.

Snow Tires

Issued by the Rubber Association of Canada, this image assures that the tires will provide the appropriate traction, even when temperatures are frigid for days on end.

snow tires


All season tire comes with a symbol of “M + S” on the side to indicate effectiveness for mud and snow. All-weather tires come with a mountain and snowflake.  These tires are softer than all season or summer tires, but harder than winter tires.  They are a high bred tire.  If you are on a limited budget and do not plan to drive often on the highways, this might be a suitable compromise as they can be run all year round..


Additionally, you need to make sure that you have selected the correct tire size for your vehicle. You should be able to make a sharp turn without the tires scraping the wheel well.  Tires need to be able support the weight and driving requirements of your vehicle.  Your tires should be sold to you based on fit first, and price second.


Although you are only legally required to replace the tires on your primary drive axle, most experts recommend changing all four tires for the winter. This will provide you with greater control.  Four wheel drive vehicles must have all four tires replaced, or serious damage could occur to the vehicle’s driveline.

Brigitte Diemand presenting to Babes In Business in Kelowna BC


Have your new winter tires mounted at the start of the winter season. Depending on how much you drive, the new tires should last two or three years, remember that tires will still need to be rotated every 10,000 kms.  Once the tread has dropped below 3.5 mm, you should replace the tires.  For winter this is not enough tread.


When it is time to change your tires back at the end of the winter, ask if the tires will be good enough for the next winter.  As an example, if the tires only have 5mm left, keep them on for the summer and use them up.  Once the next winter comes, new tires can be purchased.  This way the maximum life of the tires can be obtained.


At the end of each autumn, you need to change your tires to a set of high-quality winter ones that you leave on until spring when you can switch back to your all season ones. Doing so will provide you the early peace of mind for traveling the roads safely.


To be sure your tires are in good condition and the right kind for this winter in Kelowna and area please give us a call at Car Craft Automotive, we would be pleased to look at them for you.

When To Install Winter Tires in Kelowna BC

When To Install Winter Tires in Kelowna BC


Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tires In Kelowna British Columbia

Purchasing winter tires is something that will vary from region to region, and in Canada, it varies depending on the province. This makes it extremely important to know what you are doing when you are buying these tires in British Columbia. By law, you must obey any warnings put forth that require winter tires or chains, making it even more important to obtain proper tires.

What Are The Best Winter Tires?

The best type of tires to install are going to be rated for use on mountains and have snowflakes. These, when combined with chains, should be enough for every place within the province. It is rather easy to identify tires that fall within these classifications, ensuring that you are well protected and following the law.


The two markings that you will want to look for are either a M+S which stands for mud and snow or a mountain with three peaks and a single snowflake, indicating that the tires are rated for those conditions. Tires may be marked with one or both, but you need at least one of these sets of symbols.


The tread on your tires must be at least 3.5mm and you must ensure that the tires maintain this tread as well. This is why it is important to change your tires at the beginning of the season. A quick check with your local mechanic will tell you if you tread is high enough, or you can measure it yourself from one of the grooves.


Winter Tires Should Be On October 1 to March 31

The requirements for tires are subject to enforcement from the first of October until the last day of March. This means that any tires you put on your vehicle will need to maintain their tread and safety status for six months out of the year.



While you legally need two tires that match, you should really aim for four. This will give you better mobility and allow you to worry less about the road.


There are some tires known as all season tires, that may work for your needs, but they must be labeled with the M+S symbol. These will generally have less effective performance during winter conditions than

true winter tires. These must also follow the rules for tread, and may need to be changed more often. We recommend a second inspection in December if you are using these tires.


You may need to prove the condition of your car and the use of your tires if you get into an accident. This is for insurance purposes, and not having these tires will often put you at fault.


You should check your tread, air pressure, and chains over at least once a month. This will ensure that they are all in working order and that you do not end up with a nasty fine.


We also advise you that all travel on highways should be done with winter tires. The laws can be complicated, with people living in areas with less harsh winters not requiring the tires. However, it may still be a good idea to use them, as winter storms can hit anywhere in BC without warning.

We are pleased to announce we have just become a representative for GRIP TIRE Winter Tires


Safety on the roads in winter is a priority for every driver. Bring your vehicle into Car Craft Automotive to have your tires rotated and inspected for the winter season. 250-860-7444



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Car Inspection And Buying A Car For Your Kids

Car Inspection And Buying A Car For Your Kids


What You Should Know About Buying A Used Automobile  and Car Inspections

When parents begin preparing to get their kids ready for school, one of the subjects that often arises with older children is that of a vehicle. Once a child is of age and responsibility to drive, having a car of their own can often make sense for the whole family. If you are considering purchasing one for your teen, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Have an inspection prior to making a buying commitment

First of all, unless you are able to easily purchase a new car, you will be getting a used vehicle. Anytime you are purchasing an item that has been used by another, it is vital that you have it inspected well prior to making a commitment. This can help you to avoid a wide range of potential problems.

You will need to decide what type of car or truck you are going to get your youngster. Although your kid may be concerned with what looks cool, you need to keep the choice rooted in practicality. For instance, what type of gas mileage does a vehicle get? If you live in rugged terrain, factor that in accordingly.

Used car lots affiliated with car dealerships can sometimes be a great place to find used cars. These generally have the older cars that customers have used to trade in for brand new ones. Look for ones of the same brand as the dealership. You might be able to find one that has only had one owner, which is a definite plus!

Alternatively, you might start checking your local classified ads to find a car for your kid to use. Utilize both print publications and online ones to maximize your search.
buying a used car in kelowna

Once you have found a vehicle you are considering, check out the suggested price to be sure that it is in the appropriate range for the year, make and model of the vehicle. Don’t forget about any option packs that might be added on or other factors that will influence the value.

Use A Qualified Mechanic For An Inspection

An accident report is essential as is an inspection. Many people overlook the inspection, though it is one of the most important things associated with purchasing a used car. You can have a qualified mechanic check over several points regarding the operation of the vehicle.

Although not a guarantee that nothing will malfunction, these inspections can reveal a great deal of valuable information. The tires, alignment, brakes and more are inspected. You might use the information to negotiate a lower price or to take care of certain repairs immediately. The information will pay for itself in this way!

You want to know that your child is driving around in a safe and dependable vehicle. Check out the history of the specific car you are planning to buy and of the line, in general, to be sure that no recalls occurred. Also, have a skilled mechanic perform a full diagnostic inspection for you. These steps will help to ensure your kids are getting a good car that you can trust.

Car Craft offers a full inspection report to help you determine whether the car is a good option for you and your driver

Truck and Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Truck and Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips


If your air conditioning in your car or truck is acting up, then before you take it to the garage for some air conditioning repairs, there are a few things that you could try at home. Often, your air conditioning will break because of a damaged switch or thermostat and depending on the make and model of the car that’s an easy thing to sort out.


Give Your Air Conditioning a Performance Check


If your vehicle air conditioner doesn’t run well, then this can lead to refrigerant break down, and to wear and tear on the compressor as grime and dirt infects the rest of the unit. If you don’t notice this and fix it early on then, you’ll end up in a difficult position – because a damaged compressor can be a costly repair.


That’s why it’s important to check the status of your air conditioner the moment you start experiencing problems. Weak airflow, for example, isn’t just going to make you hot and sweaty – it’s something that can be incredibly problematic for the unit itself, but the cause is easy to fix.


Check for mold and mildew in the evaporator core (or pay someone to do it for you) and the vents, if you can clean them, do so.  Check any hoses attached to the unit. Sometimes, they can come loose so they don’t blow as strongly as they should.  Check the fans, too – ball bearing fans break easily, and if one of them isn’t blowing then the air flow for the whole unit will be poor.


Check the seals, too – sometimes they can break down and let air escape. If a seal has broken, take your car to get  unit repaired – because even one broken seal compromises the entire unit.


Poor Temperature Control



If your air conditioning seems to be working, but is just not very cold, or starts cold and then gets warm again, this could be a sign of a blown fuse, a vacuum leak, a failed condenser or any one of a number of other symptoms.


If you have a situation where moisture and refrigerant can mix, then you could be at risk of some pretty serious issues with your air conditioning unit because they can cause corrosive chemicals to eat away at seals and tubes. Depending on which parts are damaged, the repair process could be lengthy.


The best option for you, as a vehicle owner, is to take good care of the unit from day one and to get the performance of the unit checked regularly. If you notice issues, get them looked at as soon as possible. It’s better to have one of our mechanics inspect your air conditioning  – when your unit is just ‘not as cold as it used to be’ than it is to wait until it’s broken.

Schedule an air conditioning inspection before the weather is scorching.
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