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Car Craft is a trusted and advanced automotive service centre, providing the best auto repair to families in Kelowna.


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You depend on your vehicle to transport your family safely, get you to work consistently or conduct your business. Now depend on Car Craft to make sure it keeps running optimally.



There is far more to servicing your wheels and tires than just seasonal change-overs. At Car Craft we help you solve problems like vibration, pulling to one side, out of alignment, improper balancing, etc.


Car Inspection And Buying A Car For Your Kids

  What You Should Know About Buying A Used Automobile  and Car Inspections When parents begin preparing to get their kids ready for school, one of the subjects that often arises with older children is that of a vehicle. Once a child is of age and responsibility to...

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Truck and Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips

  If your air conditioning in your car or truck is acting up, then before you take it to the garage for some air conditioning repairs, there are a few things that you could try at home. Often, your air conditioning will break because of a damaged switch or thermostat...

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Automatic Transmission Service

When do I need an Automatic Transmission Service? We often take our automatic transmissions for granted until they stop working properly. This is unfortunate considering how much work they do and the tough conditions they are exposed to. Did you know that your...

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