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Car Craft is a trusted and advanced automotive service centre, providing the best auto repair to families in Kelowna.


Norm Grube is knowledgeable & trustworthy.
Murray Neuman


Professional, courteous, competent and friendly
Shirley Gordon


Well done and great service
Frank Sebastian


You depend on your vehicle to transport your family safely, get you to work consistently or conduct your business. Now depend on Car Craft to make sure it keeps running optimally.



There is far more to servicing your wheels and tires than just seasonal change-overs. At Car Craft we help you solve problems like vibration, pulling to one side, out of alignment, improper balancing, etc.


Brake Fluid Service

When do I need a Brake Fluid Service? Brake fluid performs a vital function in your vehicle. Without it your brakes won’t work. Every time you press down on the brake pedal, the fluid transfers energy from the pedal through to the cylinders or calipers where the pads...

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Coolant Flush Service

What is a Coolant Flush Service? Your vehicle’s engine has a optimum temperature range where it likes to run in order to give you peak performance.  That’s where your cooling system comes in. Internal combustion engines such as yours develop immense heat during the...

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Differential Service

  What does your vehicle's differential do?       Power is delivered from your vehicle’s engine through the transmission and on to the differential to turn the wheels. A differential allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds. This is important when you are...

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