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Car Craft Automotive Donating $100K in Services


Car Craft services all makes and models of vehicles
Car Craft is donating $100,000 in service and repair work prioritizing urgent repairs for people who need to get to work, medical appointments, and essential items.
Please limit your requests to urgent and essential repairs that will help you, your family, and dependents navigate this difficult time.
In order to accommodate as many requests as possible, we plan to limit the amount donated for any particular customer or vehicle to $500. Kelowna Car Craft may make exceptions in its sole discretion.
Kelowna Car Craft will decide in its sole discretion who will benefit from this program. Kelowna Car Craft’s decision is final.
We will only fulfill urgent and essential repairs. We will not consider non-urgent requests such as, but not limited to, cosmetic repairs, replacement parts, or new tires.
Past work is not eligible.

** Thank you for your interest and submitting an application. The application is read by our committee and because of the volume of applications, it takes time to go through them thoroughly and booking the time allotted to schedule the work for approved applications. Thank you patience.

Kelowna’s front-line workers are there for us so Car Craft Automotive wants to be there for them. We know there is an urgent need out there right now in our community. There are people with broken down vehicles unable to pick up their prescriptions.  We know there are low paid workers being asked to go above and beyond to serve us during this pandemic but are afraid to commute because their engine light keeps flashing.  We know of many low paid workers who need emergency car repairs in order to get to and from their jobs or transport their kids to appointments.

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