ford-diesel-truck Do you drive a diesel truck or car?  Diesel engine maintenance is vital for your vehicle’s smooth operation, and when done on a regular basis it will ensure a longer life for your diesel engine. While there are some small repairs that you can do yourself, the majority of diesel engine maintenance and repair is best done by a qualified, professionally certified diesel mechanic.

The best way to keep your diesel engine running smoothly is to have a checklist of regular services that you do on a scheduled basis, ensuring that they are done in a timely manner.  Car Craft Automotive can schedule your maintenance to keep your engine in top shape.

Some important maintenance items and suggestions are:

  • Regularly check your oil for buildup of sulfur residue and carbon. We will also watch for corrosive particles found in the oil and check for any leaks;
  • If you plan not to operate your diesel vehicle for more than five days, it is a good idea to disconnect the battery leads;
  • Your engine’s cooling system can become a high maintenance factor due to the amount of heat generated in a diesel engine. Diesel vehicles should not be left idling as they are susceptible to over heating. If the cooling system is not equipped with enough water and coolant fluids, unnecessary damage will be caused to your diesel engine;
  • It is important to monitor the gaskets on your engine. Mounting bolts need to be checked regularly to avoid leaks. Mounting bolts may need to be re-torque at regular intervals. This stops the possibility of leaks in the combustion mountings. You should replace gaskets at any sign of leaks. Vehicle performance will deteriorate once the gasket becomes weaker and could create further leaks if not replaced immediately;
  • Diesel engines rely on glow plugs and these must be maintained regularly and correctly;
  • It is advisable to always have a minimum of 10 liters of fuel in your tank on a continuous basis. This prevents the inside of the tank from rusting;

These maintenance suggestions are critically important to the smooth operation of your diesel truck or car. At Car Craft Automotive we will work with you on a regular schedule of maintenance to keep your diesel engine running smoothly.  This preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and will prolong the life of your vehicle.

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