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Installing Dual Brakes and Evaluating High-Quality Systems

Examining the Benefits of Dual Pedals and Managing a Driving School

Once you contact our business, our experts can install dual brakes that could substantially improve safety, and each system will feature durable cables, high-quality brackets, new pedals, and innovative pulleys. When an individual steps on the pedal, the calipers will immediately apply pressure to the brake pads. Consequently, the brake pads can swiftly increase friction, and the brake pads could reduce the speed of the rotors. If an automobile features dual pedals, an instructor can easily control the speed of the automobile, decrease the likelihood of accidents and improve the quality of each lesson.


Installing Dual Pedals and Examining Multiple Types of Components

When our mechanics install the new system, we can add heavy-duty brackets that will stabilize the components, and we could attach the main cable to the brake lines. Once we complete the installation, our experts can frequently inspect the cable, the main pulley, the brake lines and the pedals.

The mechanics could regularly examine the calipers, the brake pads, and the master cylinder. The experts can also evaluate the rotors, and if the rotors have become worn, the components could reduce the durability of the brake pads, affect the performance of the system and decrease the efficiency of the calipers. Once the specialists complete an inspection, the experts could install new rotors, add brake fluid and replace the calipers.


What Are the Benefits of Extra Pedals for Instructors?

When a student is driving an automobile, an instructor can easily stop the vehicle, and according to multiple reports, dual brakes could reduce the risk of collisions by more than 27 percent. If a business is managing a driving school, the company may purchase vehicles that also feature an extra gas pedal. While the students are driving the vehicles, the instructors can increase acceleration, provide detailed guidelines and examine the performance of each driver.


Contacting Our Business and Evaluating Our Services

During the last 35 years, our company has helped thousands of satisfied customers, and our experts can repair automatic transmissions, many types of engines, air conditioners, and serpentine belts. Once we complete an inspection, our mechanics could also replace the oil, the brake fluid, the transmission fluid, and the power steering fluid. Additionally, our specialists can complete routine maintenance that may significantly reduce the costs of repairs.

If you would like to learn additional information about dual brakes, you could visit our company’s website, and you may evaluate our services, helpful guidelines, a description of our business and excellent reviews. When you are ready to schedule an appointment, you could submit our contact form, or you can call 250-860-7444. Once you contact our business, we could answer your questions, offer a free estimate and describe the benefits of dual brakes. 


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