Booms on Lift Trucks- Inspection

Booms on Lift Trucks- Inspection 101 in Kelowna BC!

Ever noticed how people freeze every time you ask them who inspects their machinery? Say someone asks you, “Who inspects you Booms on lift Trucks?” Would you stagger to the end of that answer or would you be confident in your service provider? That aside, perhaps you have been having those dreaded inspections but have not been acing them. What a bummer that can be!

Maybe that was because your company has not been conducting utility service and repairs. Today, we will let you in on a few operational secrets to get your cogs’ working real smooth. Literally. Get a pen and paper, you’ll need them.

But before we get to the juicy part, let’s introduce us.

We are a trusted, Kelowna-based, auto repair service center. Comprised of a highly-trained and zealous team of auto-lovers, we believe that your Articulating lifts on vehicles should be dependable for all kind of work. So, if you are a hydro service, cable, tree service or a digger derrick company in Kelowna BC, our job is to ensure that your Articulating Boom run optimally.

Should you take our word for it? Yes. We are the only C25 certified Articulating Boom inspecting company in Kelowna BC. With a wealth of experience on Booms on lift trucks service and repair, we can guarantee you the best – from inspection, utility service, and repair, occupational health and safety insights, to the Mechanical inspection of lift assembly. Name it!

Your Articulating Boom should be in tip-top condition to handle every challenging job. Here is everything you need to know for a hassle-free Booms on lift trucks inspection and operations.

Safety Always Comes First

In any operational job setting, safety 101 is a fundamental core value. Aerial lift equipment and especially, booms on lift trucks, articulating boom and articulating lifts on vehicles can come with a lot of hazards. Ensure that your workforce receives a proper training on safety concerns when dealing with the equipment.

Where should you start? You ask.

Well, we suggest you come up with an occupational health and safety checklist:

  • Rescue plan: Come up with a list of things that should be done in case of an emergency. This will come in handy when, say, you cannot lower the booms on lift trucks. The trained personnel around will know how to manipulate the ground controls to get the situation in check.
  • Entry gates: Close all entry gates before you start operating an articulating boom, booms on lift trucks or articulating lifts on vehicles.
  • Tie-off: All personnel must be alerted to avoid getting off an articulating boom if they are not properly trained, have a letter from the manufacturer or effectively tied off.
  • Fall protection: All personnel should be donned in fall protection gear (Always) especially when operating articulating booms mounted to service trucks for the use of working on power poles or in the vicinity of high voltage.
  • Guardrails: Keep off the guardrails. No sitting, leaning, standing or climbing should be allowed on the guardrails. Always maintain a respectable distance between you and the guardrails.

On Acing your Inspection

Now you have hit the ground running with your CSA C225 safety standards and all you need is to pass the inspection. First and foremost, you should work to be your own watchdog. If you are properly trained on booms on lift trucks, you should be in a position to conduct the inspection yourself before the professional comes in to confirm what you already know. Talk of gaining some vantage point!

It is also no crime to get a second pair of eyes to check on your articulating booms. Your areas of concern when it comes to operating the aerial equipment should be:

Occupational health and safety: Your workers should be in no danger when working. That is why you had a safety checklist in the first place.

Dielectric Test: This is conducted on your aerial equipment to ensure that they are properly insulated. You don’t want anyone getting electrocuted when working on electric cables for instance.

Mechanical Inspection of lift assembly: This is a test on the mechanical configuration and factory acceptance on your aerial lift equipment. Do your articulating lifts on vehicles or articulating boom work properly? This test should be conducted on all Articulating Boom Utility fleet equipment to ensure that their utility services and repairs are up-to-date. It should establish whether your vehicles are safe, functional and reliable.

Finally, Solicit Professional Inspection Services

You know how else you can top off your safety checklist, getting a professional to do it for you. It is understandable that during the workflow you may not get the time to do it all by yourself. Yes? Well, hire someone to give you top-notch utility services and repairs and to conduct the inspections on your articulating boom. They could offer you annual or quarterly inspections. Whatever keeps you in the safe zone.

Booms on lift trucks can be hard to inspect on your own, so educate yourself on the safety issues that come up regularly. And lastly, avoid making some rookie mistakes like having dirty aerial lifts or unserviceable emergency systems. They may be your downfall.

Have you been getting chills on inspection day? Well, do not fret! You dreaded inspections should now be ABC easy!


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