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Summer is finally here. It is time to move around enjoying the hot season. While that is a reason to smile, auto owners have to be extra careful with the heat. It can overwhelm your car’s A/C system and spoil your chances of exhausting your summer bucket list.

One of the crucial areas for your vehicle, when the heat turns up, is the air conditioning. It has to be up to scratch to keep temperatures at the low end. Besides, this is not only the case with summer; it cuts across all the seasons.

The work cut out for auto air conditioning

Unknown to many auto owners, air conditioning is not only charged with keeping things fresh during the hot season. It also takes away moisture from your car during the wet weather. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in defrosting windows during winter. Therefore, auto air conditioning always has its plate full throughout the year.

According to experts, air conditioning takes 5% of performance dip each year. Even when the weather conditions are pretty reasonable, its efficiency keeps dropping. It is paramount to take it for checks and repairs regularly.

You probably know that it is not every repair shop near you that understand your car’s air conditioning. Some have no clue about its working, and it will be a total waste of time and money to trust them.

Fortunately, Carcraft has proven over time to be the go-to experts for all air conditioning issues. Our team of technicians knows every tiny part of the system and can easily tell when it is not working right. Our customer service and our cutting edge technology will give you the value for your money.

We make the industry standards

At Carcraft, we only understand the language of auto repairs. We have refined our air conditioning services and can guarantee you nothing but the best. We do not conform to standards because we set them. Our services embrace quality, reliability, timeliness, and customer-first approach. With a team of seasoned, trained and certified experts; your auto A/C needs would never be in better hands. We keep pace with changing technologies and our facilities boast of state of the art status. Do you want the best for your A/C repairs? We are the right door to knock.

Our A/C Repair services

When it comes to A/C services, we do it all for you under one roof. Come to us and get everything your car needs. Our A/C services are not limited to these;

  • A/C servicing for all vehicle models
  • A/C gas conversions
  • A/C diagnostics
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Installation of condensers and evaporators
  • Re-gases

Make a date with Kelowna A/C Pros

Your Auto A/C is at the heart of your vehicle’s performance. It should always be at its best. You can trust Carcraft with any A/C issues. Call us today or find your way to 1962 Windsor RD, Kelowna. You will leave with a smile of satisfaction.

Keeping you cool this summer!

Drive safe,
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