Car and truck engine repairs, tune ups, transmissions, heating and cooling, exhaust, and tires


I called these guys in the morning, and they had me fixed up and ready to drive the coquihalla by the end of the day! They were very helpful and thorough, they even offered to show me the parts that they changed and explain how everything works.
Lizzie Hnatiuk
Lizzie H.
Thank you Car Craft for breathing new life into our 1998 Toyota 4Runner. It has been transformed! Great service and attention to detail; you always go the extra mile to accommodate your customers. Appreciated.
Linda Aikens
Linda A.
I brought my 20-year old minivan for an oil change as well as for the health checking since it has gotten leaking somewhere which I do not know myself. I went there with my limited knowledge about what was wrong with it and at the same time I know that it is not worth spending much money on it. I told Tony the owner that I just wanna have a reliable car so that I can use it to commute from one place to another without any serious hassle to be worrying about. Tony took my concern, he is very straight forward, understanding and no hidden agenda to mark up the price. Now, I know what to do to maintain this car to be at its best state. Because of him, I am now at peace of mind.
Jerome Elliott
Jerome E.
Thanks for your quality service Mr.John .Will be back soon for next service.
Hari Prasath
Hari P.
Kayla Trautman
Kayla T.
Elesha Belozerkovsky
Elesha B.
Keven Cooke
Keven C.
It feels so wonderful to finally have a business I can trust when it comes to repairs on my vehicle. I have always hated seeing any sort of mechanic because I find that they talk down to me, but this business gave me a very different experience. I am so happy to finally feel safe on the road! The staff were very helpful, and the work was done in a timely manner, I didn’t even have to miss a day of work! Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, and the price was SO reasonable. I will definitely be back and I would recommend Car Craft Automotive to anyone!
Eves Johnson
Eves J.
I am so grateful for the work they did on my car!! I would highly recommend Car Craft for any and all vehicle work. They are very thorough not to mention I've been stressing for months thinking my vehicle was supper unsafe due to a quote that was given to me by another automotive place. I went in supper stressed and left and extremely happy camper! I will no longer be going anywhere else!! Thanks again
Casey Carleton
Casey C.
I have been using Car Craft for 10 years now. That alone should say something as I don't know many people that show consistent loyalty to a business unless that business is doing something right. Car Craft is doing it right. They have always treated me good, the business I work for and other customers I have spoken to while in their office. When you take it to them for any repairs they do it right the first time. I cannot thank them enough for their recent generosity and strongly recommend you give them a chance. They will not steer you wrong and will ensure your car is always road worthy. Good people, honest and reliable.
Rory Anderson
Rory A.
Have been very helpful, good service, competent; you know that you can trust them when you leave your car there, they are very reliable and available. The best place in town!
Isabelle Côté
Isabelle C.
Outstanding Service as always! Thank you for looking after me and my automotive needs!
Lindsay Kusy
Lindsay K.
10 STARS FOR SURE!!!!Excellent people, quality work and honest! Love you all!
Sherry Fodor
Sherry F.
Excellent service and highly recommend
Yvonne Challoner
Yvonne C.
I was fortunate to receive a discount on my repair bill for my vehicle through John at Car Craft for which I was extremely grateful during this time when I have been unable to work due to Covid 19 restrictions.My wife and daughter both drive to and from clients as care workers in home support for IH and drive old unreliable vehicles needing repairs they can’t afford and I work in a care facility.This a a great help and it’s good to see local business such as this helping locals.Service was professional friendly and fast!Highly recommend to allThankyou Tony,John,the mechanics and all the team for helping many locals with this program!
Brian Johnson
Brian J.
Excellent service. First shop ever to actually have a loaner car. Went above and beyond to service my vehicle. Will be back for sure. Staff super personable and helpful. Thank you!
peachy bc
peachy B.
A friend recommended Car Craft Automative to us. We got our car checked for repairs by another car repair place and decided we wanted a second opinion. It was the best decision ever. John was the mechanic we dealt with. I told him that we were on a budgetand we need to get a second opinion of the work another place said, we needed. Also, I mentioned to John that the other place said, had an oil leak but, wouldn't touch our car as they said under the hood was to dirty. John said, he would check the car over and lookfor the leak.To make a long story short John was able to get all the work done on our car that fit our budget. Nice thing we were given a courtesy car which was nice.We are very pleased with the work and John's geniune understanding of our situation was apparent when he was speaking with me.We will definiently be coming back. The only thing for me to say is in the review they should have more 5 stars available. As I would have put more then 5 stars on.
Janet O'Neill
Janet O.
If anyone i know needs work done on their vehicle in these uncertain times I highly recommend car craft automotive in kelowna . I was very impressed with the sanitation and social distancing measures they took and their professionalism i witnessed amongst all staff when I needed critical work done on my vehicle. The team went above and beyond to help me get my vehicle safe and ready to drive. Tony was great at explaining to me everything that needed to be done. Thank you for what you do for the community your kindness will ease the stress from many families. Thank you
Ashley Palmer
Ashley P.
Very professional, excellent customer service and if something is not quite right they will fix it no questions asked.Very good work at a reasonable rate.Will be going back as it is hard to find quality workmanship.
John Mooney
John M.
Excellent service, will definitely return for future maintenance for my vehicle and will recommend Car Craft to others.
dene patey
dene P.
Just before moving to Kelowna from Alberta I contacted Car Craft about the out of province inspection I knew I would need to secure my BC plates and insurance. They told me it probably would be less expensive to do that in Alberta. I was so impressed with their honesty (and all the 5-star reviews) that I waited until I arrived here just so I could give them my business. They have earned my respect and loyalty.
Very trustworthy mechanics (something that is hard to find). I recommend Car Craft to all my friends. They have always gotten me booked in quickly and I've always felt like they did the work that needed to be done and not gouged me for more money. Thanks guys!
Josh Bancroft
Josh B.
Very amazing price. Amazing craftsmanship. Great service. Will definitely come back the next time I need work done on my truck.
Cameron Lovett
Cameron L.
Fast and honest service
Filip F
Filip F
Troy Merk
Troy M.
I brought them a car for pre purchase inspection and was very happy with the service. I received a detailed report, nicely broken down into details about the vehicle. I ended up buying the car as a result of feeling confident with Car Craft Automotive's professionalism. Thanks you guys!
Sepehr Jalali
Sepehr J.
They diagnosed and repaired an issue on one of our fleet vehicles that another repair shop couldn't, did the repair in the time estimated, and for under the amount they quoted. Very impressed the Car Craft Automotive!
Angela H
Angela H
Matthew Galye
Matthew G.
I went into this shop to have a brake assessment done. The service was excellent and done in a timely manner. I received a detailed diagnostic report with photos, sent to my email. I was also able to take a loner vehicle out to complete my day, while the technicians were assessing my vehicle and discovered a broken rotor. I feel that the value was great, and recommend this place.
britt king
britt K.
Thank you so much Tony and team for your amazing service. I came in not knowing much about cars and with a very limited budget. The awesome people at Car Craft Automotive were able to stay within my budget and have my car running and good to go within hours. They also lent me a loaner vehicle, which allowed me to get all my running around done as it was my day off. I am overjoyed at the amazing service they provided and with the results of my car. I now feel safe on the road. I will be recommending you guys to all of my friends!!! If anyone if looking for a great team of mechanics with kind hards that do great work, this is the place to go.
chantel Darbyson
chantel D.
My old lady was just in there after she hit a large pothole. They were very helpful and very prompt with the service. Best experience at a mechanic she says she has ever had, which I appreciate greatly since she knows nothing about cars. Thank you, Tony for providing such an excellent experience!
aaron bazal
aaron B.
Our vehicle broke down and our tow truck driver recommended this business for service. We were very please with the service, pricing and customer service levels of the staff. I believe our contact person was John and he was very helpful and friendly. Car repair can be stressful but having understanding and friendly staff really helps. P.S. our car runs great now!!
Tina Evanik
Tina E.
I have been a loyal customer of Car Craft for several years now and appreciate the friendly service and great advice. Being a single mompreneur, I am especially grateful that I never worry that they are trying to "add" unnecessary work to my bill. Thank you Brigitte, Tony & John. The winter tires for my Mini Cooper are awesome & I love taking it up to Big White.
Pam Nease Sleep
Pam Nease S.
My son recently moved to Kelowna and had an issue with the headlights on his vehicle. Being a young man, starting a new life, in a new city, far from home, a parent always worries that they will be done right by in a situation like this. John was very helpful, accommodating and did what he could to get him on the road at a very fair price. Car Craft Automotive now has a customer for life. Highly recommend. Thanks John
Alan Findlay
Alan F.
Car Craft was very friendly, efficient and A fantastic priceJohn was a great guy to deal with and helped us outWe will be back for all our car repair needs
Charlene Ross
Charlene R.
I highly recommend Car Craft! I have a daughter that just moved to Kelowna from Alberta for school. Her vehicle needed some maintenance work done and dad’s always worry their daughters or son’s could get taken advantage of on certain things, ie. car repairs. Anyhow, I went online and researched reputable repair places and came across car craft. There were a lot of positive google reviews so I took my chances and called John. I let him know my situation and told him that I needed to be able to trust him and his diagnosis of what needed to be done. In my opinion he went above and beyond. It was a Friday and my daughter really needed her vehicle for the weekend. John actually put, I believe, four mechanics on it and it was done before the end of the day. I feel he gave us the best pricing he could and it was repaired perfectly. They have earned my trust and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services. Thanks John and team for looking after us and making a helpless feeling Dad feel good!!!!Jeff
jeff G
jeff G
I have a fleet of vehicles and we only use Car Craft for our maintenance. Great customer service and professionalism can be hard to find in this industry but everyone at Car Craft excels in these areas. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Chad Haller
Chad H.
Friendly, straight forward advice. Very thorough in their work. I will certainly recommend Car Craft to my friends.
Trent Fenwick
Trent F.
Great service and knowledgeable staff. Work around your schedule as much as possible. Take my truck and car here everytime we need work or and oil change.
James Adamson
James A.
Kyle Huard
Kyle H.
I went to Car Craft Automotive for the first time today, and I can say I will definitely be back! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I knew that my car was in good hands. I was very pleased and happy!
Ashley Yakiwchuk
Ashley Y.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff that provide excellent quality work and go the extra mile. Will definitely be back and would recommend to anyone!
curtis staschejko
curtis S.
I wrote a post on “Car Craft Automotive “ review. A must read. I’d very highly recommend taking your vehicles there. 👍👍👍
Laurie Anne Friesen
Laurie Anne F.
Great job finding out what was wrong with my car. Thanks so much.
Jean Pamplin
Jean P.
Staff are knowledgeable and very patient. If you have a problem with your car that’s a pain in the you know what! they will find it. And if you have to leave your car for a couple days they will hook you up with a ride to keep you in motion.
Jerome Mccalla
Jerome M.
Great experience with Tony and his team.Thorough and transparent breakdown of issues, clearly and promptly communicated.
Paul Dempsey
Paul D.
EXTREMELY helpful, I came in with a trick exhaust leak and instead of pressuring me to buy new replacement parts from them they fixed the leak quickly and for a great price, I highly recommend this shop for repairs and wont take my business anywhere else in the future.
Josh Smallwood
Josh S.

 Full service shop

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Car Craft Automotive for all your car and truck maintenance and repairs

Brake Service & Repairs

Brake Fluid ServiceYour brakes are one of the most important safety features on your car, truck, SUV, crossover or minivan. Keeping your brake system is perfect working order is one of the best things you can do to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe. At Car Craft Automotive, we understand that is as just important that your vehicle stops as it goes. Our skilled technicians are masters of both brake service and repairs and will keep you safely on the road.

Car Craft Brake Services include replacing brakes and rotors and flushing brake fluid. Over time, your brake pads and rotors wear down and need replacement. Your pads are fitted with a metal indicator strip that will start to squeak when the pads are getting low, letting you know it is time to get to the shop. Rotors can be turned or replaced to give your pads a fresh surface and you are ready to hit the road. If needed, your brake fluid can also be flushed to assure it is providing the correct pressure for your braking system.


Kelowna wheel alignmentAre you fighting your steering wheel to keep your vehicle on the straight and narrow? Then you need a wheel alignment. Having your wheels out of alignment can cause unneeded wear and tear on your tires, brakes, and steering that if not addressed can lead to a costly repair down the road.

For Car Craft Automotive, our certified technicians will adjust the camber, caster, and toe of your front wheels to return them as close to factory specifications as possible. This will not only return your steering wheel to the correct position when driving straight but also stop any adverse wear patterns on tires and any excess wear on your braking or steering components.

Getting a new set of tires? It is always a great idea to get a front-wheel alignment to make sure you start off with everything straight as an arrow!


Kelowna TiresHaving good tires is like having good shoes, they keep you safe on any surface in any weather. Having bald tires on a wet, slippery road can lead to a disaster, even if you have good brakes. You never want to be caught with no tread on your tires during one of Kelowna’s downpours or snow storms!

Car Craft Automotive can plug a tire or provide you with a choice of new tires from a long list of great brands including Goodyear, Yokohama, Pirelli, Continental, BF Goodrich, Hankook, Cooper, Sumimoto and more. No matter what you drive, whether it is a car, truck, SUV, crossover or minivan, we can help you find the right tire to fit your driving needs.

We also offer tires that fit every season and type of vehicle from a Jeep to a sports car to make sure you get the performance you expect out of your vehicle. With so many tires to choose from, it can be confusing but rest assured, we are here to help make your tire shopping quick and easy.

Air Conditioning

A/C repair kelownaThere is nothing worse than getting in a hot car on a hot day and your air conditioning does not work. At Car Craft Automotive, we do not want anyone to be uncomfortable just because his or her air conditioning is not working.

We offer air conditioning service, which includes diagnosing the system and recharging your refrigerant to give you nice, cold air again. Nearly every vehicle will need air conditioning service at some point so it is a good idea to have it checked every once in a while to make sure you will not ever be without it.


kelowna wheel alignmentsYour vehicle has an intricate suspension system that keeps your ride smooth and your vehicle easy to drive. Some of the components include power steering, shocks, struts, and sway bars. If any of these fail, it can make for not only poor ride quality, but also an unsafe vehicle.

Power steering is what makes your steering wheel easy to turn. If your power steering goes out, we will diagnose the problem and repair it. Driving your vehicle without power steering is difficult and causes unneeded wear and tear on the rest of your steering and suspension components.

If your car, truck, SUV, crossover or minivan has worn out shocks, struts, or sway bars, our skilled technicians will determine what the problem component is and replace it. Having working suspension parts not only gives you good ride quality, it makes your vehicle safe to drive, and at Car Craft Automotive, we want our customers to be safe and happy!

 Belts & Hoses

Automotive Timing BeltKelowna’s summer and winter weather is rough on your vehicle’s belts and hoses. It is always a good idea to give them a once over when you refill your washer fluid or check your oil periodically. If you notice any cracking in you belts or spongy feeling in your hoses, it is time to get to your mechanic and have them replaced.

A broken belt or hose can disable your vehicle or even lead to engine damage, so it is extremely important to pay attention to them. Checking them periodically is preventative maintenance to keep from facing costly repair down the road if something happens to fail.

At Car Craft Automotive, we go over all belts and hoses and replace anything that shows any sign of wear and tear. We want to keep you on the road as much as you want to be on the road without costly repairs!

Oil changes

Oil changes are one of the easiest preventative maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle in top shape. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and without it, your engine ceases to function.

It is important to follow your manufacturer’s specifications as to when to change your oil and what type of oil to use. For example, most vehicles do not require oil changes every 3,000 miles anymore and some require all synthetic motor oil. Do you know what your vehicle’s specs are? If you do not, Car Craft Automotive does and will take care of all your oil change needs.

Along with your oil change, we will check your belts, hoses, tires and other components to be sure your car, truck, SUV, crossover, or minivan is in tiptop shape. If we see any issues, we will let you know so any small problem can be addressed before it becomes a big problem. At Car Craft Automotive, our customers always come first!

Safety Inspections

Car Craft Automotive wants all of its customers to be driving safe vehicles. We offer safety inspections that cover all the major systems of your vehicle including engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension. We also check all belts and hoses for wear and tear as well as your tires for tread depth.

If you just purchased a used car or brought your car from out of province, we offer safety inspections to allow you to get your vehicle registered in the province of Kelowna. We will check over the vehicle to insure it is in good mechanical condition as well as make sure the VIN numbers match.

If you need your vehicle checked out there is no better place to take it than Car Craft Automotive!

Computer Diagnostics

Designated Inspection FacilityUnlike the old days of carburetors and timing lights, today’s vehicles are run and diagnosed strictly by computers. At Car Craft Automotive we have the latest computer diagnostic equipment and highly skilled technicians to diagnose any issues your vehicle may have.

Your vehicle will be hooked up to our diagnostic equipment and it can tell us exactly what and where the problem is and how to repair it. It may sound easy, but only our most skilled technicians can interpret results and know exactly what they mean.

We can diagnose and repair any car, truck, SUV, crossover or minivan you have in minutes and have your repair done quickly and efficiently. If you are having a problem with your vehicle, come see us today and we will have your problem fixed and you back on the road in no time!


Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle running at 100 percent capacity. Today’s vehicles are controlled by computers and easier to maintain than they ever have been. Following your manufacturer’s tune-up schedule can keep your vehicle running like new whether the odometer says 1,000 miles or 100,000 miles.

At Car Craft Automotive we offer computer diagnostics that allow us to see where any issue might be giving us the right tools to perform a perfect tune-up every time. Our skilled technicians have years of expertise and know exactly what to do whether you drive a Chevrolet or a Lamborghini.

We want to keep our customers happy and their vehicles running like new. When was the last time you had a tune-up? Call us today and let us make sure your vehicle is at 100 percent!

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