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Car Craft Announces Automotive Technician Scholarship

Are you passionate about the Automotive Industry?

Are you currently pursuing an education in the Automotive Service Technician Field? Then Car Craft wants to assist you with funding part of your automotive education. Car Craft is offering a scholarship to help students from one of the many Automotive Service Technician programs in British Columbia continue their education on us. Car Craft understands that there will always be a need for educated, qualified automotive service technicians and the best way to assure there will be more in the future is to help their education now.

Car Craft owner Tony Diemand himself is a Master Ford Technician with 27 years of experience and has also won the Canada Skills competition for automotive technicians. He understands the importance of good education and training when it comes to being an automotive technician and that is why he has chosen to offer this scholarship to one deserving student.

Eligibility for the Car Craft Automotive Service Technician Scholarship

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Previously completed the Gateway to the Auto Service Technician.
  • Enrolled in full-time study in the Automotive Service Technician Foundation program at BCIT, Okanagan College, UFV, TRU, COTR, or similar programs in British Columbia;
  • Intends to pursue a career in the automotive industry;
  • Demonstrates a passion for the automotive industry, been an active participant in the program as a positive influence on their peers, and inspired and involved others in pursuit of their passion;
  • Selection of award recipient will be based on a combination of the strong response to application and proof of 3 social media posts about Car Craft that link to
  • The recipient will be in good standing.
  • The scholarship winner will be announced on May 31, 2020, and posted on our website. The student will be notified by email and/or phone

Car Craft Encourages Men and Women Choosing a Career In the Auto Industry.

Community is important and keeping and building a good education around the Kelowna community is even more important. Car Craft wants to help build the technology-minded community by offering this scholarship to help automotive technicians work on today’s more computer-driven cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans. By offering a scholarship takes some of the financial pressure off a student which can help them thrive in their classroom, has a more positive influence on their peers, and become more passionate about the future of their careers. Car Craft wants to see all students thrive and we want to do what we can to help see them as well as the Kelowna community thrive.

Please complete the application form provided by Car Craft in its entirety.

Are you a Canadian Citizen?

Have you completed the Gateway to the Auto service Technician at Okanagan College?

Do you intend pursue a career in the automotive industry?


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