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A/C repair kelowna A car’s air conditioning system plays a vital role in ensuring that temperatures in a vehicle are conducive for comfortable and stress­free driving. During summer, temperatures can soar leading to the occupants in a vehicle feeling all hot and sticky. When winter sets in, temperatures drop to unbearable degrees, something that might also affect the driver and the people in the car. With a working climate control and regulating the temperatures within a vehicle is made possible, allowing the driver or occupants of a car to set temperatures that are conducive.

When a car A/C system breaks down, it is important to get it checked as soon as possible. If the problem goes undiagnosed, further issues could result due to contamination of the system. When faced with poor temperature control, it is advisable that you have a professional look into the issue for you. Never try to service your car without the proper tools and knowledge of how this system works. The refrigerant in an AC system is harmful to both the environment and yourself.

Certified Mechanics

Air-conditioning systems are rather complex and need experience and skill to maintain and repair. To see why it is important that you have a specialist work on your A/C, here are some reasons why working with a professional is in your best interest.

what smellsExperience and Skill

Automotive system experts are technicians who have received training and licensing to perform the task of repairing and maintaining vehicle systems. At Car Craft Automotive we have have worked on AC systems for over 20 years and have attained the experience and skill needed to maintain and repair the climate control system.





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AC ControlAC breakdowns are due to minor problems

When your AC develops any problems, having a technician work on it as soon as possible can prove to be the most cost ­effective. You will find that most breakdowns are due to minor problems that can be resolved fast, effectively and at a much lower cost compared to not having it done immediately, then having to replace the entire system once it goes cold.


One of the main reasons of having AC repaired by a professional is the consistency and trustworthiness you get by our expert mechanics. The truth of the matter is Car Craft Automotive have knowledge that can help get things back in shape. From their experience, AC experts can easily diagnose and resolve different AC problems quickly and efficiently.

When your vehicle breaks down, having a certified mechanic work on it is the way to go. Consider:

The shop’s experience is the shop certified

Reliability read the reviews

Service cost ask questions

Dependability have they worked on your model before?
All in all, identifying and hiring the services of the right professional will ensure that your vehicle is brought back to good working order.

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