How do I know if my Engine Belt or Hoses need Service?

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If your vehicle is running smoothly your belts and hoses never even come to mind but when they fail the situation turns bad fast. For your vehicle to properly cool and for the charging your engine systems and air conditioning systems to function the belts are crucial. By taking a look at your engine, you can see with V-shaped belts or Serpentine belts. They keep the power steering, air-conditioner compressor, water pump and alternator turning.

Inspect Your Engines Hoses and Belts Regularly

Automotive Timing Belt

The belt is constructed out of a specific combination of rubber which is made to operate in the very hot area that is your engine. Although durable there does come a point when they become worn out or snap, if this occurs while you are driving let’s say on a highway you can be left stranded on the side.

An engine hose is made to carry liquids if the hose to the radiator is cracked or broken; then you could begin to leak coolant, and your engine would rapidly overheat, if your engine overheats you can not drive your vehicle. All it takes to determine whether your vehicle’s belts or hoses need to be replaced before they fail on you is a quick inspection.

A qualified technician can inspect the vehicle and detect cracks, worn down ribbing or brittle rubber. It is important to prevent having an uncomfortable or even dangerous breakdown by having your belts and hoses inspected. Something that seems simple such as an overheated engine is not only time consuming but also inconvenient and expensive to repair.

The Timing Belt

sutomotive hoses and belts

The timing belt is vital to the operation and performance of your engine. The timing belt does just that, time, if there is damage or stretching to the timing belt, your engine will not work properly. It is highly recommended that once your engine reaches 160,000 km, you replace the timing belt. Every 15,000 km your engine belt should be inspected.

Everyday use causes the timing belts to become worn out and if the engine is strained more than it should be due to wet weather or pulling a trailer then this will happen even quicker. When inspecting your timing belt, the technician will look for edges that are worn out and where you can see the filaments, any form of cracking on either side, surfaces that are shiny or glazing; this is a symptom of flexibility being lost on the belt and means it is easier for it to break.

When inspecting the timing belt a technician will also look for a collection of materials as when the timing belt begins to wear out there can be a buildup of debris on the rib cross-sections, noise and unwanted vibrations can come from this. Stretching or elongation reduces the amount of tension placed on the belt and lowers the needed power being transferred to the accessories.

If the tensioners internal components have malfunctioned then you will have misalignment which can cause excess vibrations and noise and it can eventually lead to your vehicle overheating. Timing is everything, especially when dealing with the performance of your automobile so make sure that you have regular inspections performed on your timing belts.


“I went to Car Craft a few years ago BECAUSE I was looking for a car shop that had integrity and offered only services that were needed as cost has always been a factor since I was female and taken advantage of previously by unscrupulous service shops.”


I own a Ford 2004 F350 Diesel and have had terrible experiences with other shops.  After my first experience with Tony and Car Craft, I know I’ve found the right shop.  I get better mileage now which relates to less wear on my vehicle thanks to Car Craft.

Wayne Donecz

Norm at the front desk provides unreal service each and every time. Owner Tony is very professional and friendly. Car Craft is definitely doing their best to become the neighbourhood garage. Great staff, and great work.

Alex Labreque

Norm Grube is knowledgeable & trustworthy.

Murray Neuman

Professional, courteous, competent and friendly

Shirley Gordon

I got a recommendation from the local Napa parts dealer for Car Craft to help me with my check engine light coming on while I was visiting my parents in Kelowna from Puyallup, Washington. I was leaving to go home the next morning over the Coquihalla Pass Highway. It was after 3 pm when I pulled in. They took great care of me and had the problem diagnosed and the light turned off and I was on my way just after 4 pm. Fantastic people with a great attitude to help you.Hats off to these folks it’s not about the money to them it’s all about taking care of you.


Norm has been very professional.

Bob & Lynn Houle

Fast, friendly service. I did not feel bamboozled by these guys – they explained what I needed to have done and were great about telling me the work that was not necessary. I really appreciated that. I think women can rest assured that they are not getting ripped off when the bring their cars in on their own. That is a real concern for a lot of us.


I found the staff to be friendly, professional and extremely competent. I would have no hesitation to recommend them to others. I will be using their services again in the future.


Rob, Norm, Tony and their crew are as professional and trustworthy as I have seen in any profession. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to look after my vehicles. Both my wife and I take our personal and work vehicles to CarCraft. We are very grateful for their outstanding service.


Well done and great service

Frank Sebastian

Friendly staff and very knowledgeable


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