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Provincial Inspections performed by qualified Kelowna Mechanics

Kelowna Auto Air Conditioning Services

Kelowna Car and Truck Auto Air Conditioning Repairs You can trust Summer is finally here. It is time to move around enjoying the hot season. While that is a reason to smile, auto owners have to be extra careful with the heat. It can overwhelm your car’s A/C system and...

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Finally! Car Craft Women’s Free Auto Clinic

Women Take Control of Your Car Maintenance Ladies, your big day is finally here. For the auto enthusiasts, mark April 17th, 2019 on your calendar. The time is 6:30 PM all through to 8 PM. No excuse whatsoever; you better be here. It will be a day like you have little...

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Signs Your Kelowna Brakes Need Repairs

The Telltale Signs your Brakes need Repairs Picture this. You are cruising down a lonely country road expecting to be in the city on the hour. Suddenly, a deer plunges in front, and you smash onto the brake pedal. Fortunately, the brakes obey, and you stop a fraction...

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The Top 4 Reasons for Summertime Tire Blowouts

Hot Weather and Your Tires Many physical and chemical properties inside of your rubber tires change when extreme heat is introduced. This is why tires are more prone to a blowout during the hot summer months. With a deeper understanding of what causes these blowouts...

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5 Maintenance Tips For Your Car During Winter

Everybody hates going out during the winter months. But, just like the conditions are tough on us, so are they on our vehicles. Let’s look at some car care tips for winter driving.   For many drivers, winter driving spells a lot of challenges like icy roads,...

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When To Install Winter Tires in Kelowna BC

Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tires In Kelowna British ColumbiaPurchasing winter tires  is something that will vary from region to region, and in Canada, it varies depending on the province. This makes it extremely important to know what you are...

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Car Inspection And Buying A Car For Your Kids

What You Should Know About Buying A Used Automobile  and Car InspectionsWhen parents begin preparing to get their kids ready for school, one of the subjects that often arises with older children is that of a vehicle. Once a child is of age and...

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Truck and Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips

If your air conditioning in your car or truck is acting up, then before you take it to the garage for some air conditioning repairs, there are a few things that you could try at home. Often, your air conditioning will break because of a damaged switch or...

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Automatic Transmission Service

When do I need an Automatic Transmission Service? We often take our automatic transmissions for granted until they stop working properly. This is unfortunate considering how much work they do and the tough conditions they are exposed to. Did you know that your...

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Brake Fluid Service

When do I need a Brake Fluid Service? Brake fluid performs a vital function in your vehicle. Without it your brakes won’t work. Every time you press down on the brake pedal, the fluid transfers energy from the pedal through to the cylinders or calipers where the pads...

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Coolant Flush Service

What is a Coolant Flush Service? Your vehicle’s engine has a optimum temperature range where it likes to run in order to give you peak performance.  That’s where your cooling system comes in. Internal combustion engines such as yours develop immense heat during the...

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Differential Service

  What does your vehicle's differential do?       Power is delivered from your vehicle’s engine through the transmission and on to the differential to turn the wheels. A differential allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds. This is...

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Engine Oil Flush Service

Why have an engine oil flush service performed on your vehicle? Friction is the enemy of your engine. Why is Engine oil vital to your vehicle’s engine? Your engine can have as many as 200 moving parts. You want all them need to slide smoothly against each other or the...

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Tires Your tires are a critical component of your vehicles safety, fuel efficiency and performance.  You know how important they are for safety, not only in our winter but year round.  At Car Craft we are not just any Kelowna tire shop, we take the condition of your...

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Tire Rotation

When should you rotate your Tires? Yes and No. A better question to ask our technicians would be, “Is tire rotation a good idea for my vehicle?” What is involved in the process of rotating a vehicle’s tires? Simply it is moving tires to a new location, right to left,...

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Minor Fuel System Cleaning

  Your Fuel System Fuel injectors deliver fuel to the engine’s combustion chamber by spraying a fine mist on to the back of an intake valve. If you can imagine an aerosol spray can being sprayed multiple times per second in the engine, then you can understand the...

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Engine Treatment Service

Is an Engine Treatment Service the same as an oil change? Yes and no. Let us explain. Yes your engine needs to have its oil changed on a regular basis, now more than ever. Many people are aware that it is common practice to add ethanol to gasoline. Unfortunately this...

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Industry Insider Information on Oil Change Prices

Oil Change Prices vary between companies. We all know it’s important to change the oil in your car on a regular basis. Most car manufacturers recommend that you change the oil in your car every 10,000 kilometers if you are driving in mild conditions, or 5,000 kilometers if you are driving in harsher conditions.

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Choosing a Tire For Your Vehicle

When it comes to buying tires, knowing a few important factors will help you decide which is best for you and your vehicle needs. Two main factors when purchasing tires depends on your vehicle and driving habits.

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Replace Spark Plug Wires Regularly

Most people will make the decision to change their spark plug wires for two reasons. The first is when their owner’s manual recommends it and the other when the engine begins to misfire.

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Cabin Air Filter

Air quality is important. Your cabin air filter or dust filter cleans all the air that enters your vehicle’s interior via heating, vents and the air conditioning system.

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Air Filter Change

Other than electric cars, most modern automobile engines run by internal combustion and requires air to operate. That’s because without air, specifically, oxygen, fuels cannot burn to provide the explosive force that power the engine properly.

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Spark Plug Replacement

They are also referred to as Ignition Wires because they are part of your ignition system. They deliver the electricity to the spark plug so that it can generate the spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. They also play a vital role in the smooth operation of your engine.

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Fluid Exchanges

  • Engine Oil (Lube-Oil-Filter)
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Coolant
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid

Filter Replacements

  • Engine Oil and Transmission Filters
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter

Other Services

  • Tire Rotations
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Maintenance Tune-Up
  • TerraClean Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Brake System Service
  • Ford Cam Phaser Delete
  • FICM

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