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Winter Tires

We offer a complete range of styles and sizes at great pricing. As part of Grip Auto we buy in bulk and pass the savings onto our customers. Your tires are a critical component of your vehicles safety, fuel efficiency and performance.  You know how important they are for safety, not only in our winter but year round.  At Car Craft we are not just any Kelowna tire shop, we take the condition of your tires and the safety of you and your family seriously.  We want to give you the best driving experience.  In addition to their critical role in safety, tires impact your traction, handling and cornering.  To ensure your tires are safe and that you are getting the best fuel economy, proper tire maintenance is critical.

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Regular Tread Inspections

Tire failure can be dangerous and inconvenient.  You don’t need the hassle and expenses of a flat tire or a blow out while driving.  At Car Craft, we inspect your tires for tread wear, cuts, slashes and all other issues during our regular rotation service. This regular inspection will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your tires are safe and preforming well for you.

If you do find that you need new tires, Car Craft is the right place to be.  As an experienced Kelowna tire shop we will help you choose the right tires for your vehicle, driving style and budget. Let the professional experts at Car Craft make your tire replacement straight-forward and easy.

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Provincial Inspections

It may seem confusing or overwhelming to have so many tire brands to choose from.  The professionals at Car Craft have years of experience working with many brands and can help you find the right tire for your driving style, conditions and budget.  While we can help you choose the right tire, if you have a preference for a particular brand we can get it for you. While we can source almost any tire that you want, we do have some favorite tire brands that we have come to rely on for safety and performance.

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