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Wheels & Wheel Alignment in Kelowna

Do you love great looking wheels?  We do!  Ever find yourself admiring a set of wheels on someone else’s vehicle?  A new set of wheels can dramatically change the appearance and image of your vehicle.  Wheels can convey elegance, power, sophistication or performance. What do your wheels say about you and your vehicle?

Kelowna wheel alignmentAt Car Craft, we understand that wheels are not just about appearance and making a statement.  Wheels impact driving performance, handling and can affect fuel economy.  Extra wheel weight can reduce efficiency and economy.  In addition to having the right wheels, a wheel alignment can make a big difference to fuel economy and tire wear.  Let the experts at Car Craft ensure that your wheels are right for your car and are properly aligned to save you money.

If you are looking to make a statement with your wheels, or change the image of your vehicle, talk to the professionals at Car Craft.  We can help you choose the right wheels to send the right message.  If you are happy with the wheels that you have, let Car Craft ensure that they are properly aligned for optimal performance and economy.

New wheels can send a powerful statement about you and your vehicle.  Talk to us today for all of your wheel and wheel alignment needs.  At Car Craft, we care about the safety of you and your family, as well as the quality of your driving experience.  To ensure your tires are safe, we will inspect your tire condition at each wheel alignment and tire rotation.

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Lifetime Protection Plan

When you have your vehicle serviced by Car Craft using TerraClean products you are eligible for a Lifetime Protection Plan that protects you against Brake System Failure. Make sure to ask your service adviser for the details.

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