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Car Craft is a trusted and advanced automotive service centre, providing the best auto repair to families in Kelowna.


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You depend on your vehicle to transport your family safely, get you to work consistently or conduct your business. Now depend on Car Craft to make sure it keeps running optimally.



There is far more to servicing your wheels and tires than just seasonal change-overs. At Car Craft we help you solve problems like vibration, pulling to one side, out of alignment, improper balancing, etc.


5 Maintenance Tips For Your Car During Winter

1. Visibility Winter driving comes with one major hazard, the sun sets a bit earlier in the day, meaning there’s less daylight especially when you commute back home. In this case, it’s wise to do all you can to ensure all your vehicle lights are in great working...

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Tips for Choosing Winter Tires for Your Kelowna BC Vehicles

  Time For Winter Tires In Kelowna BC   As winter months approach, it is vital to make sure that your home and vehicle are prepared. Switching to high-quality winter tires early on will help to ensure that you are ready for the inevitable snow and ice that blankets...

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When To Install Winter Tires in Kelowna BC

  Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tires In Kelowna British Columbia Purchasing winter tires is something that will vary from region to region, and in Canada, it varies depending on the province. This makes it extremely important to know what you are doing...

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