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Car Craft is a trusted and advanced automotive service centre, providing the best auto repair to families in Kelowna.
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You depend on your vehicle to transport your family safely, get you to work consistently or conduct your business. Now depend on Car Craft to make sure it keeps running optimally.



Air Conditioning keeps you and everyone else in your vehicle comfortable and cool during the hot Okanagan summers. Stay cool and have Car Craft inspect your A/C to avoid last minute failures.


There is far more to servicing your wheels and tires than just seasonal change-overs. At Car Craft we help you solve problems like vibration, pulling to one side, out of alignment, improper balancing, etc.


Booms on Lift Trucks- Inspection

Ever noticed how people freeze every time you ask them who inspects their machinery? Say someone asks you, “Who inspects you Booms on lift Trucks?” Would you stagger to the end of that answer or would you be confident in your service provider? That

What our customers are saying

My husband and I have been regular customers of Car Craft for over ten years. We just moved to Okanagan Falls in this past year and the travel to Kelowna is worth the time and effort. The satisfaction is guaranteed.

Jan McDonald

Tony Diemand went well beyond my expectations for a a tricky intermittent problem with an older vehicle. His attention and tenaciousness to solving the problem was truly professional. He has won my trust and loyalty.

Peter Rack

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