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Coolant Flush

Pouring coolant

Your vehicle’s engine has an optimum temperature range where it likes to run in order to give you peak performance. That’s where your cooling system comes in. Internal combustion engines such as yours, develop immense heat during the process of generating power. The primary role of your cooling system is to dissipate enough of the heat so that your engine does not overheat.

So in the summertime, your cooling system cools your engine. However, in the wintertime when the temperatures drop to subzero your cooling system will actually help warm up your engine. As mechanical parts will wear much faster when they are cold, your cooling system circulates the warmed water throughout the engine compartments. This circulating warm water is a welcome function as it provides the basis for the hot air generated from your heater.

The coolant in your cooling system is also used to lubricate your vehicle’s water pump.

Why do we recommend a Coolant Flush Service?

Flushing automotive coolant is important for your cooling system, as it is subjected to extremes of heat and constantly circulating around moving and stationary parts. This will eventually cause your coolant to deteriorate. It will accumulate scale, rust, and corroded materials. Unfortunately, the result will be a decreased ability to dissipate the heat. This could lead to serious damage to your cooling system.

What happens when we perform a Coolant Flush Service?

Your Car Craft professional will use a TerraCool Flush Machine and TerraClean combination to flush your cooling system. Once the old, worn out, and deteriorated coolant has been flushed out it will be replaced with fresh coolant. The TerraClean is a cooling system treatment that will provide extra protection. It helps to prevent rust and corrosion. It also inhibits the formation of debris and deposits.

The fact is your engine needs a cooling system that is capable of doing its job. Talk to our Car Craft Kelowna B.C.  professionals so we can help you protect your vehicle with a Coolant Flush Service.