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Minor Fuel System Cleaning

Technician Removing the gasoline injector part in engine room check dust and test pressure in process maintenance concept

Fuel injectors deliver fuel to the engine’s combustion chamber by spraying a fine mist on to the back of an intake valve. If you can imagine an aerosol spray can being sprayed multiple times per second in the engine, then you can understand the function of the injector.

However, just like the aerosol can, the injectors can get clogged. Generally by dirt, gums and varnishes from the fuel. When this happens, the spray pattern of the fuel is affected. This means wasted fuel, decreased mileage and decreased performance and engine response.

Typically, due to condensation as much as 4-6 ounces of moisture can build up in a fuel system over time. Water in Fuel causes trouble for the fuel system and reduces lubrication of the engine.

When Car Craft Automotive performs a minor fuel system cleaning, they add TerraClean Optima Fuel System Cleaner to your fuel. This product cleans up the fuel system as you drive. It opens up clogged injectors by removing the gums and varnishes as you drive. As well it improves the atomization of the fuel in your tank and will disperse water that may be present in your gas tank.

Benefits of a Minor Fuel System Cleaning

Your fuel system including injectors will be cleaned as you drive.
Fuel economy will improve as emissions decrease.
Water will be removed from the system, helping to prevent rust and corrosion.

Did you know?

Keeping your fuel system clean can improve your gas mileage. It can save you money and help the environment Ask your Kelowna Car Craft service adviser for details.