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Power Steering Flush

Power steering fluid cap with warning label in a car

Your power steering system is very complex and is comprised of several components. This can include a power steering pump, steering gear & linkages, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses, and seals. Unfortunately, it often is overlooked when it comes to maintenance.

Maintenance check for power steering

This can be a big mistake because simple maintenance can prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs. Did you know that your power steering pump runs constantly or that your power steering fluid is exposed to extreme heat and pressure?

This can lead to your power steering fluid to degrade and lose its ability to lubricate the components of the steering system. When that happens, you will start to notice changes in your vehicle’s steering. It can become harder to steer and the noise levels increase.

Another concern of your power steering fluid not performing as needed is, your seals and O-rings are susceptible to drying out or leaking. This can lead to damaging parts. We recommend letting us perform regular preventative maintenance. This can ensure your power steering system will last much longer.

What Can You Expect From Your Power Steering Service?

Your Car Craft professional will one of our most trusted products, TerraSteer Power Cleaner. Your power steering system will be cleaned out chemically using our TerraSteer Power Steering Service Machine.

How does it work?

The Terra Clean product will clean your power steering system by suspending and removing problematic contaminants from your system. What this will do for your power steering system is extends its life and maintain its ability to function properly. Your old power steering fluid is then replaced with fresh TerraClean, Power Steering Fluid. This fluid will also help condition seals, keep the steering process smooth and reduce any power steering noises.

Power Steering Problem Easy to Eliminate

Preventive maintenance is the solution. There is no need for spending money on expensive repairs when a Power Steering Service in the city of Kelowna  can provide so much protection and value.