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Automatic Transmission

Man hand holding automatic transmission in car

We often take our automatic transmissions for granted until they stop working properly. This is unfortunate considering how much work they do and the tough conditions they are exposed to.

Excessive Heat in Transmissions

Did you know that your transmission can reach in excess of 200 degrees F and up to 300 degrees F in summertime stop and go city driving?

This excessive heat can be a big problem for your automatic transmission. The hotter your oil gets the quicker it breaks down. This leads to advanced deterioration of the soft components of your transmission. It can also result in varnish and sludge build-up that will impair performance. Proper maintenance prevents this and protects your transmission.

Remember, the best way to ensure hassle-free driving is to have a well-maintained vehicle and that includes your automatic transmission. You can put your vehicle and your faith in the trained professionals at Car Craft Kelowna BC. We keep you on the go.

Car Craft professionals insist on using TerraClean products when servicing your automatic transmission. Based on the thousands of automatic transmission services performed TerraClean products have proven themselves time and again. You can count on them to remove the unwanted build-up that impairs your transmission’s performance or leads to a costly breakdown. We trust them so much we use it in our own vehicles.