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Wheel Alignments

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Tire or Wheel Alignment in Kelowna

Whether you use the phrase “wheel-alignment” or “tire-alignment”, they practically mean the same thing. Wheel alignment is not all about checking the tires to make sure they are fitted properly. Instead, wheel alignment is the adjustment of a car’s system that connects with the tires. To successfully align your car’s wheels, you need to adjust the angles of the tires to provide good connections between the tires and the road.

Causes of Poor Wheel Alignment

  • If your car keeps pulling to the right or left as you drive: If you are a sensitive driver, you probably must have experienced your car drifting to the right or left while driving. For well-aligned wheels, you don’t need to apply force to the steering when driving on a straight road. Your car should seamlessly drive without any hitch. However, if you have to constantly make some corrections to balance your car on a straight path, then it may be time for wheel calibration.
  • You begin to hear some funny noise in your steering: If your steering keeps making some noise and you are sure of a proper steering fluid gauge, it is likely to be due to misalignment. You need to visit a specialist for wheel alignment.
  • If your tires start to squeal: Squealing tires is a natural occurrence among drivers but unfortunately, most people don’t know the cause of it. Whenever you notice squealing sounds from your tires, it is a result of bad wheel alignment.
  • Uneven wearing of your tires: As a car owner, you must pay close attention to your tires because they are a key factor in figuring out a well-maintained car. If during your routine check, you noticed the tires on the left or right side are not wearing evenly, then it may be time for wheel alignment.
  • Your steering wheel looks bent while driving on a straight road: The best test to carry out on this is to drive on a straight path. If you notice that your car’s steering wheel look crooked, realign it to continue on the straight path. However, if it keeps derailing, then you should visit your mechanic for a wheel alignment.

Causes of Poor Wheel Alignment

Aside from the driver, worn out parts in the car, and the road condition, other factors that can cause your car’s wheel to misalign include:

  1. Heavy impact which could be caused by reckless driving at speed bumps, potholes, or accidents.
  2. When suspension components such as shocks are loosed or worn
  3. If the adjustment of the height of your car is not proportional to the adjustment of suspension, it could lead to wheel misalignment.

Longer Tire Life and Better Fuel Consumption

Aside from the fact that it makes for smooth driving and prolongs the duration of use of your tires, there are other great benefits. A car is in need of servicing tends to consume more fuel while driving. This means that fixing your car’s aligning issues comes with economic values. You don’t want to be changing tires all the time due to wearing, and that’s what wheel alignment issues can cause.

Car Craft Automotive Mechanics

If you need to check whether your car’s wheels are well-aligned or not, Car Craft Automotive should be your go-to place for a proper check. Our mechanics have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to help you check and fix any alignment issue. Get in touch with us today to have a smooth ride and prolong the life of your tires in Kelowna.