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Engine Oil Flush

Regular Oil Changes Will Increase the Life Of Your Automobile

Why is Engine oil vital to your vehicle’s engine?

Your engine can have as many as 200 moving parts. You want all them need to slide smoothly against each other or the consequences can be costly in Kelowna, British Columbia.

TerraClean Engine TreatmentTo show you why this is so important, take your hand and rub it back and forth along your arm. What do you notice? Very quickly the two surfaces start to heat up because of the friction. Now imagine if there was some sand or grit on the surface of your skin. How long before there was discomfort or damage?

Now apply a lubricant to your skin. Do your fingers glide along much smoother? Is there less heat and friction? This same principle applies to the moving parts of your engine.

Here is what your engine oil does for your engine think about all those moving parts, cam shafts, pistons, valves, crankshafts, lifters, rods, etc. All them working together to give you the ability to move your vehicle. Your engine oil not only has to keep every part lubricated it will also needs to prevent excessive heat from building up.

The reason your oil needs regular changing is because with all the work it does, it wears out. The additives that were originally put into the oil to increase its effectiveness have broken down. That’s to be expected. It becomes contaminated with dirt, sludge and possible metal filings. Left unchanged, your oil can go from being a lubricant to an abrasive.

Part of the process of having your engine’s oil changed is to also replace the oil filter. As good as oil filters are they don’t get all the dirt, grit and sludge. Some of it will be trapped in throughout the engine. Your engine is designed with oil galleries that channel the oil to every moving part. When the galleries get plugged with sludge, the oil can’t get to where it’s needed. Two things can happen if the sludge is left in, it will contaminate your new oil and lead to a potentially costly repair to any number of those moving parts.

How do you prevent the potential damage from happening?

 We recommend our Engine Oil Flush Service. You know what happens when you flush something. It removes the unwanted materials leaving a clean surface behind. When Car Craft performs an engine oil flush it removes old oil and deposits that a conventional gravity oil change leaves behind.

When you settle for a standard gravity oil change you are not emptying your engine of all the dirty oil. It’s still trapped in different parts of your engine. So your new oil can’t help but be contaminated within minutes of starting your engine. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Your professionals at Car Craft use TerraClean Engine Oil Cleaner. This very effective product infuses the engine oil with a detergent. This cleans the entire oil system without damaging it. All the contaminants are trapped by the solution and carried away leaving your engine as clean as the day it left the factory.

Do your engine and your pocketbook a favor.

Change your oil on a regular basis. It’s a lot cheaper than paying to have your engine rebuilt or buying a new motor for your vehicle. It’s a fact that a maintained vehicle holds its value longer.