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When driving the roads of BC, your tires are the ones responsible for giving you a smooth ride. But, they won’t be able to do that if they are wearing out or already worn out. Before any untoward incident happens, it’s best to change your worn-out tires. The temperature changes according to the current season, and it can affect the performance of your tires.
Any driver wants to always be in control of their vehicle regardless if it is hot and sunny, icy, raining, or snowing. Worn-out tires won’t be able to yield acceptable performance as you drive your way through the harshest weather. Do not expect full control when your tires are not in tip-top shape. When you notice that your tires are already wearing out, take them to your trusted automotive shop and have the tires changed as soon as possible. This can help you keep your car under control and ensure your safety while driving.

Total Grip Tire Service

Car Craft Automotive repair shop offers a complete tire service, meaning our technicians conduct a thorough check of your tire and wheel system, ensuring that every part and component of the system is giving its best performance. When it comes to providing tire service in Kelowna, we guarantee to give the best workmanship from plugging a tire to replacing all the tires and wheels of your car. As a responsible auto repair shop, we also inspect the drums, pads, and brake rotors once the wheels are off. This is to make sure that we will not miss anything and that everything is in good working condition. It is futile to have new tires when there’s something wrong with the entire tire and wheel system of your car.
We are meticulous in our work, and your new tires are computer balanced so you can enjoy an enhanced ride and handling. We perform a wheel alignment to ensure the right positioning of the caster and camber of your wheels where you need them to be. This also creates an even wear on your tires and provides you with the necessary control. We know how vital these things are and want to make sure to provide you with an experience equivalent to driving a new car that can take any kind of weather or road.

Wheel Alignment

When the wheels of your vehicle are not aligned properly, you will experience uneven wear on your tires, unsatisfactory overall ride, and poor handling. When your car is not aligned properly, your car will sustain more damage other than your tires. The brakes, steering, suspension, and other components of your car may also get damaged when the wheels of your vehicle are out of alignment.
When the wheel alignment of your vehicle is off, it could also lead to expensive repairs on your suspension. Your vehicle needs an alignment when it is pulling in one direction. In an attempt to correct it, you will likely pull your steering wheel slightly in the opposite direction. You are creating tension each time you do that, and each time you make that correction, it will lead to premature wear of your steering components and cause further damage.
You can tell that your car needs to undergo an alignment when it wobbles or shakes as you try to drive straight. If this goes on, it will put undue stress on your ball joints, axles, and other components of your car’s suspension.

Signs that Your Car has a Problem

The abnormalities in your tires and steering wheel are the primary indicators that tell you it’s time for a wheel alignment. When your tires have the correct pressure, and you notice that the steering wheel is not centered, or there’s abnormal wear on the tire treads, the wheel alignment of your car may need to be adjusted. Either that or your steering/suspension component is already worn out.
Modern vehicles have more advanced wheel alignment services. The technologically advanced vehicles have good features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure, and sensors that may need to be re-calibrated after undergoing a wheel alignment.
It is advisable to set an annual check for your car to prevent any unfortunate incident, which may be prevented with a simple inspection in Kelowna location.