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Engine Treatment

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Is an Engine Treatment Service the same as an oil change?

Yes and no. Let us explain.

Yes your engine needs to have its oil changed on a regular basis, now more than ever.

Many people are aware that it is common practice to add ethanol to gasoline. Unfortunately this can be detrimental to your vehicle’s fuel and lubrication systems. When the engine is in operation, some of the ethanol-blended fuel mixture seeps into the crankcase during the combustion process. It shows up in the form of blow-by gases. This becomes problematic when it combines with internal condensation and produces a white sludge material.

Left untreated the water will separate from the oil. Now it’s prone to freezing in cold temperatures and preventing the oil from circulating throughout the engine. This can lead to a major breakdown and costly and unnecessary repairs.

The reality is that Ethanol will be in your fuel for the foreseeable future. The best solution is to treat for it.

We recommend an Engine Treatment Service.

One of the best ways we know of to protect your engine from the potential dangers of ethanol blended fuels is with an engine treatment service. Your engine will get TerraClean Engine Treatment added to your new oil. This excellent product has been proven to reduce friction without affecting catalytic converter operation. Your engine will have increased protection from the unwanted effects of ethanol. Say goodbye to white sludge in your engine.

Avoid settling for just an oil change. You want the full benefits of an Engine Treatment Service

At Car Craft we will replace your engine oil with top quality motor oil that specifically designed for the driving you do and conditions your vehicle is exposed to.

A regular oil change doesn’t flush out all the white sludge. So what happens when they add the new oil? It becomes contaminated and your engine is not protected at the level it should be.

What can you expect from a Car Craft engine treatment service?

Most people notice an improvement in performance and fuel economy.
Peace of mind knowing that your engine and all its moving parts are protected from the white sludge build up that is so common with Ethanol blended fuels.
Protect your engine and your wallet with an Engine Treatment Service from the professionals at Car Craft Kelowna in BC.