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Tire Rotation

Car service worker changing wheel of a car at the tire mounting service

Yes and No. A better question to ask our technicians would be, “Is tire rotation a good idea for my vehicle?”

What is involved in the process of rotating a vehicle’s tires? Simply it is moving tires to a new location, right to left, front to back, or even diagonally.

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Kelowna TiresThere is several very valid reasons for rotating your tires. Tires will tend to wear unevenly because they will each be exposed to different stressors.

For example; your front tires will have to do different work than your back tires. They will wear differently because they are used to steer the vehicle. This will create extra wear and tear on the outside edges. Your back tires on the other hand simply follow on in a straight line.

Uneven wear means you’ll be replacing your tires sooner than need be. Depending on how uneven the wearing it could mean losing out on possibly thousands of miles of extra usage.

Rotating tires can also make for a safer and smoother ride.

sets of tires other considerations for why your tires would wear differently would be how the weight is distributed across your vehicle. Most vehicles have the engine in the front meaning there is more weight over the front tires than the rear.

If you have a front-wheel-drive vehicle the need for more frequent tire rotation can be even higher because of the additional weight of the transaxle.

Tire manufacturers will have recommended tire rotation frequencies and patterns. These can range from 8,000 km to 10,000 km.

When is it not a good idea to rotate tires?

The vast majority of the time it is not only safe but highly recommended that you rotate your tires on a regular basis. A small number of cases will involve an automobile with staggered wheels and running on unidirectional or asymmetrical tires. If that were the case you shouldn’t be rotating those tires.

That is why you always take the time to ask your Car Craft technician in Kelowna city. They are the experts and will know what is best for your vehicle.