3 Reasons Why You Need Snow Tires

You may drive through Kelowna daily, but when snow hits it has some of the most treacherous roads in BC. Why tempt fate with regular tires when you can take the safe way out and arm your car, truck, SUV or crossover with a set of winter tires?

Snow tires are specially made for winter temperatures

Snow or “winter tires” are made with special compounds and specific tread patterns that allow them to perform better than all-season tires in frigid temperatures. They maintain their shape and ability to grip which gives you and extra measure of safety on snowy and icy roads. The tread patterns are specially designed to kick the snow out of the tread so you can maintain grip without your tires being bound up with snow and ice.

Snow tires are made for a specific average temperature

Snow tires are recommended for any area with winter temps that average below 5 degrees for an extended period of time.  With Kelowna having an average yearly low temperature of 4 degrees, it only makes sense that you equip your car with winter tires from at least October through April. They can be used year-round in cooler climates, but all-season tires will do just fine the rest of the year. Before Halloween, it is always a good time to take your vehicle in for a checkup and get a set put on for winter. You can even do it earlier if the weather indicates winter is starting early.

Snow tires are a must for mountain driving

For those who drive in the mountains, no matter if it is for work or for pleasure, treads are a must. Winter tires improve your vehicle’s ability to accelerate, steer and brake whether it is cold and wet or cold and dry giving you better handling on any road. Even on steep grades and winding roads, the tread pattern and grip of snow tires will help you maneuver better and keep you from sliding. It also helps you from getting stuck in areas the plows may have not done the best job.

While you may think your all-season tires are good enough, you might want to think twice before winter sets in and you get stuck in the snow and ice. Snow tires are specifically made to make your car a winter warrior and get through snow and ice easily and safely. Car Craft Automotive specializes in all types of automotive repair and maintenance including tires. Come see us today and let us help you get ready for a safe winter with a set of  tires! Book an appointment online or call us today at 250-860-7444 and let us make your winter driving as easy as it can be!