6 Advantages of LED Headlights

Typically, it is only luxury cars that come from the dealership with LED headlights, but it is quickly becoming a popular upgrade in automotive lighting technology. Not only do they upgrade the look of your vehicle, they also improve nighttime visibility. Do you want to upgrade? Here are six advantages of LED headlights:

Improve brightness

Probably the most common reason that drivers upgrade to LED headlights is to improve brightness and visibility. Standard halogen lights produce a dull, yellow light that has a poor output distance and is not very concentrated. LED headlight bulbs produce a whitish-blue light that is much brighter and the light is much more concentrated. LED headlights are nearly three times brighter than halogen headlights.

Increased Longevity

In home use, LED bulbs are known for maintaining their brightness over their long life span. The same can be said for automotive applications. A typical halogen bulb lasts about 5,000 hours or ¾ of a year. An LED headlight bulb has the potential to last up to 45,000 hours or 5 years. This means the less you have to worry about a blown out headlight and the better you will be able to see for longer.

Cost Savings

One very big advantage of LED headlights is their cost efficiency. Halogen bulbs can cost anywhere from $45 to $130 per pair and potentially last less than a year. LED bulbs can  cost between $130 and $260 but last nine times longer, saving you a significant amount of money over time.

Driving Safer

Compromised vision at night is a huge hazard when it comes to driver safety that ranks up with impaired driving and fatigue. Upgrading to LED headlights provides you with three times more concentrated light which helps you see clearer and be seen sooner than you would be with normal halogen headlights.

Energy Efficiency

Although it is not like you get an electric bill for your vehicle, energy-efficient components still help alleviate the strain on your battery and alternator. This in turn, can prevent those with older vehicles from getting stuck with a dead battery if they accidentally leave his or her headlights on.

Luxury Look

The number of vehicles factory equipped with LED headlights is growing, but currently, the ones that do are luxury brands such as BMW, Audi, Bentley, etc. You can give your vehicle the same luxury look easily and inexpensively, as well as making your driving experience safer.

If you want a simple, fairly inexpensive upgrade that not only adds a luxury look but makes your vehicle safer, LED headlights are the perfect choice. They are easy to install yourself, or you can have your local shop install them on your next stop for a tune-up or oil change. Is your vehicle due for an oil change due for an oil change or tune-up? Ready to upgrade your headlights? Call Car Craft today at 250-860-7444 or book an appointment online and let us have your car looking great and running even better!