Car Craft Automotive Now Offering Kelowna Fleet Repairs and Servicing

Kelowna’s Fleet Repair and Tire Specialist, Car Craft Automotive, have announced the launch of Kelowna Fleet Services in the shop or mobile service

Fleet repairs and servicing is always a challenge for companies requiring their vehicles for the working hours. Companies having their own shop for the trucks find it an expensive venture to pay for full-time mechanics and their specialized tools. Car Craft Automotive has the shop size, certified mechanics and equipment to service both Ford Transit Passenger and Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

The facilities are equipped for work trucks are often larger, heavier and more cumbersome than regular cars. As such, many automotive repair shops don’t have the facilities or equipment to service such vehicles. Car Craft Automotive caters to the commercial sector and have everything to service fleets. From heavy-duty hoists to specialty diagnostic equipment, they are equipped to fix your rig. Their mechanics have the expertise and tools to perform boom inspections!.

With the winter season not finished there is still time for motorists to get winter tires. Winter tires offer better grip and traction and can mean the difference between getting stopping or moving off safely in snowy conditions and skidding into oncoming traffic.

Car Craft Automotive offers full-service auto repairs. They are also a certified Grip Auto and Tire dealer and offer a complete range of tires at affordable prices. Topping their list of preferred brands are Good Year, Maxis, Michelin, General Tire, BF Goodrich, Good Year and Continental.

But it’s not just about ensuring motorists get winter tires. With their new tire scanner clients are delivered a image of each tire, pointing out where the treads are worn down and The tire team at Car Craft Automotive ensures the safety of their customers by inspecting their tires for tread wear, slashes and other damages during their rotation service.

” Car Craft Automotive ” is our first Automotive Repair Shop here in Kelowna. From our first to third vehicle, Car Craft is our regular automotive repair shop whom we can trust and rely on. Great and honest service with friendly staff. Until we got our current vehicle that was dealership maintained. We are not satisfied with the service. So we decided to hand it over to Car Craft Automotive. We are so happy to be back and have a peace of mind now. Thank you and more power!!!” T Opina

For further information about Car Craft Automotive’s Fleet Servicing, contact Tony Diemand on 250-860-7444. For further information about their winter tire rotation service, visit: