Finally! Car Craft Women’s Free Auto Clinic

Women Take Control of Your Car Maintenance

Ladies, your big day is finally here. For the auto enthusiasts, mark April 17th, 2019 on your calendar. The time is 6:30 PM all through to 8 PM. No excuse whatsoever; you better be here. It will be a day like you have little known. There is going to be fun, pomp, color, and ladies from all corners of Kelowna sharing their auto knowledge. You can’t miss this one; it will be a blast.

Find Out The Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

For far too long it has been assumed that ladies know nothing about their rides. That’s not true; never been, and never will be. We do know our rides equally as well as the male folk. On this day we are going to share with you car care 101 basics. No more panic when your car shows the slightest signs of a problem. We are going to sharpen your skills and make sure you are not going to be stranded on that lonely road when your car breaks down. We will take you through the what to do and what not do about your vehicle. By the time you leave, you will be an expert of some sorts.

Come with all the questions you may have. We will answer them all. Anything and everything about cars will be part of our discussion. Don’t leave your humor at home because there is going to hearty laughing, jests, and so much fun. You might as well go home as the biggest winner of the evening.

The Dress Code

We know how you like to look your best and always dress to kill. Those are ladies for you. However, this is not your day to wear those designer outfits from Prada, Gucci and the big names in fashion circles. We are an active auto repair shop, and you are about to see what goes on in the inside. Whatever you wear, make it comfortable. It doesn’t mean you should come looking shabby.

The Prizes

You get to meet other auto-loving ladies just like yourself. You are going to share, talk and laugh. However, your time will not go to waste. At the end of it all, there is so much to be won. From questions you or we ask, drills, to group activities; we are going to give you prizes. Be sure to come with your A-game on because you might win big. The ultimate prize goes to only one lady. The lucky one is going to get a free car inspection. It could be you, or you, or you. Come ready to enjoy and probably return with something home to show for it.

Where will it go down?

Car Craft 1962, Windsor Rd Kelowna, BC VIY 4R5 is where it will go down.  Hurry and register now before you are locked out. It is a promise that it will be a day to remember. Ladies, help us make this day a success and enrich our knowledge of our road machines. It is a date, please don’t miss it.