Scholarship for Automotive Technician British Columbia

Are you passionate about cars and cherish automotive technology? Well, here is a career opportunity for you in the automotive industry. Craft Automotive is offering a scholarship for Auto repair shop mechanics. An automotive mechanic is always on-demand in a variety of settings, including car dealerships, government agencies, and gas station garages.

Passion and curiosity are excellent reasons to pursue this career; however, there are more benefits of training in auto repair.

Why Pursue a Career in Automotive Shop Mechanics?

There will always be a need for a qualified automotive service technician. This field offers endless possibilities and opportunities. Experts in this field have greater job flexibility. Their salaries are higher too. Economic factors might affect consumers buying new machines, but vehicles will always need repair and maintenance. There is no low season in this service industry.

Without having to state the obvious, this knowledge allows you to do your vehicle maintenance. Also, it will make you self reliant such that you don’t have to pay anyone to change your tires or check on the engine light.

You will be joining a career that gives you independence. Owning an automotive repair business means you can work at your convenience. It is ideal if you have family obligations or when seeking flexible work schedules.

Additionally, you can become an automotive service advisor. When you start gaining experience, you become an expert on matters of vehicles. Your skills and expertise can save friends and loved ones time and money. Your service to the community is invaluable.

Training and Certification

A professional mechanic needs to know the various equipment and techniques for troubleshooting and repairing vehicles. You need proper training.

As cars and trucks become more technologically advanced, one must now be familiar with the computers and software used in the industry. There are no mandatory national certification requirements.
However, most students opt to take a good deal of training and certification. Some complete high school level education, while others choose to take all the eight automotive speciality areas that the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers.

These courses include electrical structures, heating and air-conditioning, engine restoration, brake systems, and steering.

How do I get started?

Good news! Now, if you are currently training as an automotive expert, Car Craft is providing partial grant for your automotive course. We are giving aid to deserving students from one of our programs in British Columbia. We want to see students thrive as they pursue their careers.

Car craft is looking forward to building a technology-minded community that can work on today’s computer-driven minivans, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles.
If you are a student, this funding will take off some of your financial burdens so that you can concentrate and succeed in your classroom work.

To be eligible for the application, you ought to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who is willing to pursue a career in the automotive industry. You can find more information on how to apply on


If you’re preparing to enroll in this field of automotive technicians, you should strive to gain hands-on experience through internship and also consider a bachelor’s degree to advance in the career. Grab this grand opportunity and walk to your dream!