Signs Your Kelowna Brakes Need Repairs

The Telltale Signs your Brakes need Repairs

Picture this. You are cruising down a lonely country road expecting to be in the city on the hour. Suddenly, a deer plunges in front, and you smash onto the brake pedal. Fortunately, the brakes obey, and you stop a fraction of an inch from the deer. You can literally hold your heart in hand and hear it pounding.

Your vehicle’s braking system is your last defense line when emergencies pop up from the blues. That is why you should be serious about brake maintenance and repairs. To make sure it never comes to a matter of hoping that your brakes will spin into action when you step on the pedal, in here are early signs that your brakes need repairs;

It takes longer to come to a complete halt

Your car’s braking system is there to serve two purposes only: slow you down or stop the car completely. When it takes longer to come to a stop, there is something wrong, and it needs to be checked by a professional. It is only a matter of time you will need to come to an instant stop, but your brakes take the usual drag, and you hit something.

A swerve to the left or right when you brake

The working of auto brakes should not in any way hinder your vehicle from moving in a straight line. If every time you brake you get a shove to the left or right, it is not a regular occurrence. It points to a defective caliper, or the braking surface has contamination. Before you get into an ugly scenario, take your ride for thorough brake inspection to find the issue.

Diminishing Brake Grip

The auto braking mechanism is reliant on hydraulic pressure to stop or slow down your car. Typically, the pressure is always consistent and constant under all circumstances. If for one moment you feel that the force is fading, this is an early sign that it is not all right in the system. A diagnosis from a brake repair expert will help you find and fix the specific problem.

Grinding noise every time you brake

It is normal for vehicles to make some sound every now and then. However, it is not normal when you get a grinding noise during braking. The likely culprits are brake pads. They are worn out, and the metal components are eating into each other when you brake. You should act fast because this will accelerate and create deep grooves into the drum and rotors.

Spongy Brake

It is the brake fluid that is responsible for building up pressure that ends up stopping your vehicle. The fluid here is good at equally transferring force. Therefore, when you press the brake pedal, you should get a relatively firm feeling. However, when it feels spongy and takes too long for the car to stop; there is a reason to worry. There is a leak or some air in the braking lining. You should immediately take your vehicle for brake inspection and repairs.
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