Tips for a Well-Styled, Well-Planned Winter Journey

You’re on the road, your favorite songs are on the playlist, you’re heading to Big White, and all of a sudden you get a blowout. You reach for your trusty cell phone only to discover that all the juice has been used up by the sound system, and your charger cable is mysteriously no longer in its place. Stranded, cold, and out of contact. Not an ideal scenario in the winter.

What are the key items that you should always have in your car during the winter? Not something we typically think about – since we usually don’t expect the unexpected. Let’s think about safety, comfort, and convenience – and of course, style. Here are our top ten must-haves for a well-planned winter journey you can travel in style, no matter the distance:

  • Winter warmers – you never know when a storm will hit the roads, or when you have to drive a further distance than anticipated because the roads are impassable. Warmth is key, and what better way to stay warm and look great, than cashmere? A selection of cashmere sweaters and cute, faux-fur-lined gloves is a great way to stave off the chills.
  • Sustenance – nothing is worse than being stuck out in traffic in the freezing cold, and developing a hankering for something to snack on. A well-placed lunchbox kept stocked with dried fruit and nuts, or dark chocolate is just the thing to keep the hunger at bay and energy levels up.
  • Hydration – no matter the season, staying hydrated is of utmost importance, and no one likes stale, warm water that has been sitting in the car for weeks. A great alternative is to invest in a small, portable cooler and keep it stocked with bottles of spring or flavored sparkling water. Maybe even lemon slices?
  • Backup chargers for your devices – a good rule of thumb to follow in this age of technology is to never leave the house without at least 2 alternative power sources. Be it a spare charger cable, a portable power pack, or even a solar charger, you will want to make sure you always have a backup plan. Not only for comfort’s sake, but for safety as well.
  • Cash is king – in some cases! Keep a small stash of coins or small banknotes hidden within your vehicle for emergencies. Keep it out of sight, but keep it in a place you will remember. It comes in handy in those unexpected situations – whether you need a quick coffee or has to buy a new window scraper in a pinch.
  • Be Prepared – a first aid kit is one of the most important investments a car owner should make. Keep it well-stocked, and make sure you include additional items such as nausea and headache medication, reusable heat pads, and cold packs. Along with the regular bandaids and antiseptic ointment, this can make the difference between a 6-hour road trip and a seemingly endless nightmare. NOTE: Make sure you check the expiration date on the contents every few months – there is little point in keeping it if the contents are no longer effective!
  • DIY Mechanic – Keep your vehicle stocked with a few extra tools in the glovebox, or trunk, so that you aren’t relying on the bare minimum should you need to make an emergency stop. An extra tire iron, a digital tire inflator, shovel, and jumper cables should be in your trunk at all times in the colder months. Spare wiper blades, a towing rope, and bungee cords are also handy – and will help your vehicle make it into Car Craft Automotive for official repairs.
  • Keep it all together – a great addition to any car is an over-the-seat organizer – these can keep all manner of items secure, including extra hair elastics, moisturizer, or hand sanitizer – and if you have children, you can add activity books, crayons, and snacks to the mix. This way you’re never scrambling to find something when you need (or want) it most.
  • Last but not least, duct tape – no explanation needed here, duct tape is the solution to so many of life’s problems. The best part is that nowadays you can even get customized, patterned, or colored tape – handy, convenient, and fabulous all in one!

Obviously, we’re being a bit cheeky here – but safety is no joke! Be prepared for winter driving with these nine tips, and have a smoother road trip, no matter where you’re headed. If you have questions or concerns about getting your vehicle prepared for winter driving, contact us today. We’re always here to help.

For more questions about safe winter driving or to upgrade your tires before the snow really starts to fall, call us at (250) 860-7444 or book an appointment today.