Understanding the Benefits of Our Wheel Alignment Service in Kelowna

Understanding the benefits of any auto maintenance is important. But when it comes to our wheel alignment service in Kelowna – there are some added perks you may not have been aware of.

Having a wheel alignment service conducted on a vehicle is often overlooked. But such maintenance can actually come with benefits such as improved fuel efficiency, a smoother drive, improved driving safety – and more!

Understanding the Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

So, what are some of the benefits of a wheel alignment?

Fuel Efficiency – tops our list, due to the current high cost of fuel. Finding ways to combat that cost can be found through auto maintenance, including a wheel alignment. Misaligned tires can decrease gas mileage by up to 10% – as per Investopedia, who offers 9 additional tips of gas-saving measures!

Improving Your Ride & Steering – is another benefit that comes with properly aligned tires. Whether you find your vehicle is pulling, vibrating, or just generally delivering a rough ride; it is likely you need a wheel alignment.

Bettering Your Vehicle’s Tire Lifespan – a wheel alignment can also help ensure proper wear on your tires. A misaligned ride will lead to uneven wear and tear, costing you more on having to replace your tires, or causing your vehicle to feel rough once you rotate your tires.

Car Craft is here to help you manage all of the above, with our wheel alignment service in Kelowna – explained below.

Wheel Alignment Service in Kelowna

As mentioned on our wheel alignment service page

Whether you use the phrase “wheel-alignment” or “tire-alignment”, they practically mean the same thing. Wheel alignment is not all about checking the tires to make sure they are fitted properly. Instead, wheel alignment is the adjustment of a car’s system that connects with the tires. To successfully align your car’s wheels, you need to adjust the angles of the tires to provide good connections between the tires and the road.

Indications You May Need a Wheel Alignment

  • If your car keeps pulling to the right or left as you drive
  • You begin to hear some funny noise in your steering
  • Your tires start to squeal
  • Uneven wearing of your tires
  • Your steering wheel looks bent while driving on a straight road

If you feel your vehicle is in need of a Wheel Alignment Service in Kelowna, our mechanics are here to deliver the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to help you. We look forward to helping you with any auto repair and maintenance needs you may have, and displaying why our customers stay loyal to us year after year!