Fall Tire Service in Kelowna: Get Ahead of the Season & Stay Safe!

Seeking tire service in Kelowna? The fall is an excellent time to schedule an appointment, get ahead of the season – while also securing added safety measures.

Whether you’re seeking a tire that can be utilized on mountain passes this coming year, or your tire tread is no longer adequate to manage safe driving conditions; our Kelowna tire sales can help you find the right tire for your driving habits and budget.

Fall Tire Service in Kelowna

Tire Service in Kelowna

As mentioned on our Car & Truck Tires page, we offer Total Grip Tire Service, which includes…

… a complete tire service. Meaning – our technicians conduct a thorough check of your tire and wheel system, ensuring that every part and component of the system is giving its best performance. When it comes to providing tire service in Kelowna, we guarantee to give you the best workmanship. From plugging a tire to replacing all the tires and wheels of your car. As a responsible auto repair shop, we also inspect the drums, pads, and brake rotors once the wheels are off.

When it comes to our tire services, we don’t just stop at tire sales, we also offer:

Tire Rotations

…a tire rotation is exactly as it sounds; moving tires to a new location, right to left, front to back, or even – diagonally. And without regularly rotating your tires, uneven wear can occur, causing you to need to replace your tires sooner than usually necessary.

Wheel Alignments

…if your vehicle is pulling in one direction, you are likely in need or a wheel alignment. Without correcting this, this can lead to premature wearing of your steering, which can be a costly repair we wish to help you prevent.

At CarCraft in Kelowna, we pride ourselves in meticulous work. We will ensure your Fall Tire Service in Kelowna is completed with the utmost care so you can simply ‘enjoy the ride’!

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