Teach the Rules of the Road Safely: Dual Control Pedal Installations in the Okanagan

If you are one of the many brave teachers helping new drivers learn the rules of the road; we applaud you. We can also help you teach those rules safely, with our Dual Control Pedal Installations in the Okanagan!

Dual Control Pedal Installations in the Okanagan

As mentioned on our Driving School Pedals page

Keep you and your students safe with our dual control pedal systems. This kit gives you the ability to take full control of the brake, gas or clutch from the passenger seat via a cable and pulley system that runs along the floor, tucked up behind the dashboard and completely out of sight. Our kits and workmanship make it look like your car was equipped with passenger side pedals right from the factory.

At Car Craft Automotive, we understand how a driving school can help those seeking to get a driver’s license excel. And while you are helping others – we want to help you too.

Whether through our Dual Control Pedal Installations in the Okanagan, or assisting in the maintenance of your driving school fleet.

Car Craft works on fleets of all sizes, as well as vehicles of all makes and models. Some of the services we perform include:

  • Brakes
  • Commercial vehicle inspection (CVIP)
  • Diesel Engine Specialists
  • Engine Performance and Diagnostics
  • Fluid exchanges (engine oil, transmission, coolant, etc.)
  • Filter replacement (air, fuel, cabin)
  • Heating and A/C
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Steering and suspension
  • Tire replacement
  • Transmission and drivetrain

And, of course dual control pedal installations!

Teach the Rules of the Road Safely

Wish to offer your students ‘take home’ learning? ICBC offers an online ‘Learn to Drive Smart’ manual – as seen here. It includes such content as a ​​vehicle checklist, as well as knowledge on:

  1. You in the driver’s seat 
  2. You and your vehicle 
  3. Signs, signals and road markings 
  4. Rules of the road 
  5. See-Think-Do 
  6. Sharing the road
  7. Personal strategies 
  8. Emergency strategies 
  9. Your licence 
  10. Need to know more? 

If you are seeking Dual Control Pedal Installations in the Okanagan, Car Craft would love to help. Feel free to book your appointment here, visit us at 1962 Windsor Road in Kelowna, or call (250) 860 – 7444.