Oil Flush Service in the Okanagan: How It Can Improve Vehicle Performance

An oil flush service in the Okanagan is a maintenance procedure Car Craft offers to our customer. It involves thoroughly cleaning the engine’s internal components by using a specialized cleaning solution – providing many benefits we want to help our reading audience understand.

How An Oil Flush Can Improve Vehicle Performance

An oil flush procedure can improve vehicle performance in several ways:

  • Removing Deposits: Over time, sludge, varnish, and other deposits can accumulate in the engine due to the breakdown of oil and the accumulation of contaminants. These deposits can restrict oil flow, impede lubrication, and reduce overall engine performance. An oil flush service can help dissolve and remove these deposits, allowing oil to flow more freely and improving lubrication to critical engine components.
  • Reducing Friction. Deposits and contaminants in the engine can cause increased friction between moving parts, leading to wear and tear on the engine. By removing these deposits, the engine can operate with reduced friction. This can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce wear on engine components, and optimize performance.
  • Restoring Engine Efficiency. A clean engine is a more efficient engine. Oil flush services can help restore engine efficiency by ensuring that oil can circulate freely and reach all the necessary areas to provide proper lubrication. This can result in improved engine performance, better power delivery, and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Extending Engine Life. Regular oil flush services can help prolong the life of an engine by keeping it clean. As well, it reduces the risk of premature wear and damage caused by deposits and contaminants. By improving lubrication and reducing friction, an oil flush service can help prevent engine damage and extend the overall lifespan.

  • Enhancing Fuel Economy. Improved engine performance and efficiency resulting from an oil flush service can also lead to better fuel economy. When an engine is clean and running smoothly, it requires less effort to operate, which can result in improved fuel efficiency and better mileage.

It’s important to note that an oil flush service should be performed by a qualified technician. As well, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in using the appropriate cleaning solution. We are here to help with that!

Oil Flush Service in the Okanagan

Oil Flush Service in the Okanagan

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At Car Craft Automotive in Kelowna, we recommend our Oil Flush Service in the Okanagan to all of our customers. It will help to remove unwanted materials, leaving a clean surface behind.

We use TerraClean Engine Oil Cleaner to effectively infuse the engine oil with a detergent. This cleans the entire oil system without damaging it – leaving your engine as clean as the day it left the factory!

Ready to get started? Allow us to help you ensure your vehicle is running smoothly, improve fuel efficiency and maintain the value of your vehicle for years to come.

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