Managing a Driving School in Kelowna & the Benefits of Dual Pedals

If you operate a driving school in Kelowna, finding ways to safely manage it very likely matters to you as well as your students. Which is why we want to share the benefits of dual pedals, and how we can help you implement them!

The Benefits of Dual Pedals

Dual pedals offer many benefits for both students and instructors. Not only do they provide a controlled learning environment, but deliver on many other areas of safety as well. These include:

Paced Learning

Jumping into a vehicle and being responsible for the safety of yourself and others, is a lot to ask an inexperienced driver. Dual pedals provide a paced learning experience, allowing the instructor to “slowly take their foot off the gas” – so to speak.

Confidence Creator

Confidence plays a big role in road safety. Building that confidence within a learning environment that allows the instructor to take over as needed, counts for a lot. Our dual pedal installations in Kelowna can help with that.

Risk Management

Mitigating risk matters when it comes to learning to drive a vehicle. Instructors having access to a brake pedal is simply a wise risk management tool, providing a proactive stance to developing good driving skills, safely.

Stress Relief

Having to remember so many rules of the road can lead to an overload of stress, which can have a student not performing at their best. Dual pedals can help to alleviate stress for everyone involved.

Overall, the primary benefit remains safety. Inexperienced drivers will make inexperienced mistakes, and Car Craft is here to help minimize mistakes and maximize safety.

Managing a Driving School in Kelowna

Driving School in Kelowna

As mentioned on our dual pedal system page

Keep you and your students safe with our dual control pedal systems! This kit gives you the ability to take full control of the Brake, Gas or Clutch from the passenger seat via a cable and pulley system that runs along the floor, tucked up behind the dashboard and completely out of sight! Our kits and workmanship make it look like your car was equipped with passenger side pedals right from the factory!

Curious to know more? Feel free to contact us directly for pricing and availability, and allow us to help you manage the safety within your driving school in Kelowna.