Preparing to Drive on Mountain Passes: Okanagan Tire Sale & Service

We are only a couple days away from winter tire requirements on mountain passes in BC. Whether you’re a seasoned mountain driver or new to driving in such conditions, proper preparation is essential for safety and enjoyment – and our Okanagan Tire Sale & Service is here to help!

How to Prepare for Driving on Mountain Passes

Beyond tires, there are a variety of tips on how to prepare for driving on mountain passes. These include:

  • Carrying Chains
  • Having an Emergency Kit
  • Checking the Weather Forecast
  • Topping Up Fuel & Fluids
  • Using Lower Gears While Driving
  • Letting Someone Know Where You’re Going & When
  • Remaining Calm in a Crisis

Remember that mountain driving can be unpredictable, so always prioritize safety over speed, and ensure your vehicle is equipped with the right tires for road conditions.

Designated Winter Tire Requirements & Chain Routes

Curious as to when and where winter tires are required? As discussed on the website,

Winter tires or chains are required on most routes in British Columbia from October 1 to April 30. For select highways not located through mountain passes and/or high snowfall areas, tire and chain requirements end March 31. 

These routes are marked with regulatory signs posted on highways throughout the province. We reserve the right to restrict travel at any time of the year depending on road conditions.

These signs are enforced by the police, ministry or other enforcement officials. Motorists who are not compliant may be turned away and fined.

Okanagan Tire Sale & Service

Preparing to Drive on Mountain Passes
Car service worker in red uniform changing wheel of a sport car at the tire mounting service

Our services page speaks to how…

…Car Craft Automotive repair shop offers a complete tire service, meaning our technicians conduct a thorough check of your tire and wheel system, ensuring that every part and component of the system is giving its best performance. When it comes to providing tire service in Kelowna, we guarantee to give the best workmanship from plugging a tire to replacing all the tires and wheels of your car. As a responsible auto repair shop, we also inspect the drums, pads, and brake rotors once the wheels are off. This is to make sure that we will not miss anything and that everything is in good working condition. It is futile to have new tires when there’s something wrong with the entire tire and wheel system of your car.

It is advisable to set an annual check for your vehicle’s tires to prevent any unfortunate incidents. We are here to help with that, ensuring our customers drive away with tires that are right for their lifestyle, and the season.

Feel free to contact us directly for pricing and availability, and allow us to help you manage the safety within your driving school in Kelowna.

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