3 Reasons Your Vehicle Needs a Power Steering Flush

Curious as to why your vehicle may need a power steering flush? We want to offer a few of those reasons, and can provide you with the service too!

3 Reasons Your Vehicle Needs a Power Steering Flush

There are some essential maintenance musts for any vehicle, and a power steering flush falls into that category. Here’s why…

  1. It Removes Harmful Contaminants

Contaminants can harm your power steering, which include such things as dirt, debris, and metal particles, which accumulate in the power steering fluid. Such contaminants can impact the power steering pump, steering gear, and other components, potentially causing expensive damage. Prevention is key.

2. It Mitigates Degrading Fluid

Power steering fluid, like any other automotive fluid, degrades – or breaks down – over time due to heat, pressure, and friction. This causes it to offer less lubricating properties to your system, and reduces performance.

3. It Provides Preventative Care

Neglecting power steering maintenance can lead to costly repairs down the line. Regular power steering flushes can extend the lifespan of your power steering system and prevent such high-cost risks.

Power Steering Flush Service in Kelowna

Power Steering Flush

If you are seeking Power Steering Flush Service in Kelowna, or the surrounding communities – Car Craft offers that!

As discussed on our service page

Your power steering system is very complex and is comprised of several components. This can include a power steering pump, steering gear & linkages, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses, and seals. Unfortunately, it often is overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Car Craft provides our power steering system cleans using our TerraSteer Power Steering Service Machine.

This is a top-of-the-line system that will ensure the job is done right the first time, keeping your power steering mechanism running smoothly.

Stop by our shop at 1962 Windsor Road in Kelowna ,or call us at (250) 860-7444. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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