Tire Service in Kelowna: Be Prepared for Winter Mountain Pass Driving

If you are seeking tire service in Kelowna? Car Craft Automotive can help!

We are here to check your tires and alignment to make sure everything is in top condition to travel the winter mountain passes, and ensure your tires are safe and effective to do so.

Winter Tire Requirements in BC

Firstly, it is important to understand the winter tire requirements in BC, which covers…

The rules are in place every year starting on Oct. 1, and last until March 31 or April 30, depending on the location. Many highways in the Lower Mainland and southeastern Vancouver Island are exempt because of the more temperate climate along the South Coast.

The annual winter tire requirement covers:

  • All highways in the North;
  • All highways in the Interior;
  • Sections of some highways on the South Coast, including the Sea to Sky Highway;
  • Sections of some highways on Vancouver Island.

Unsure if your tires meet the requirements? Allow our Kelowna tire service technicians to help!

Tire Service in Kelowna

Tire Service in Kelowna

As discussed on our tire service page

When it comes to providing tire service in Kelowna, we guarantee to give the best workmanship from plugging a tire to replacing all the tires and wheels of your car. As a responsible auto repair shop, we also inspect the drums, pads, and brake rotors once the wheels are off. This is to make sure that we will not miss anything and that everything is in good working condition. It is futile to have new tires when there’s something wrong with the entire tire and wheel system of your car.

Recognizing When Your Vehicle Has a Wheel or Steering Concern

The abnormalities in your tires and steering wheel are the primary indicators that tell you it’s time for a wheel alignment. When your tires have the correct pressure, and you notice that the steering wheel is not centered, or there’s abnormal wear on the tire treads, the wheel alignment of your car may need to be adjusted. Either that or your steering/suspension component is already worn out.

We recommend an annual winter tire check for your driving safety, which we are happy to provide within our tire service at our Kelowna location.

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