The Surprising Impact of a Regular Oil Change in Kelowna

What many drivers overlook as important, is actually something that plays a crucial role in optimizing fuel efficiency, which is a regular oil change in Kelowna.

Car Craft Automotive is here to help you with that, along with ensuring our customers are aware of the helpful nature of this service!

The Surprising Impact of a Regular Oil Change in Kelowna

Curious how a simple oil change service can lead to substantial savings at the pump?

Reduces Engine Friction

Oil serves as the lifeblood of your engine, lubricating its various components to reduce friction and heat. Without a sufficient clean lubricant, it causes your vehicles ‘moving parts’ to work harder and burn more fuel to maintain performance.

Prevents Engine Wear and Tear

Fresh oil helps maintain proper engine function by ensuring smooth piston movement, optimal valve operation, and efficient heat dissipation. Oil also plays a crucial role in preventing premature wear and tear on engine components. Without adequate lubrication it can lead to accelerated wear and potential damage. Regular oil changes helps to preserve engine integrity and fuel efficiency overall.

Offers the Opportunity for Inspection

Oil changes also present an opportunity for mechanics to inspect your vehicle for any underlying issues that could affect fuel efficiency. Identifying leaks, worn-out parts, or other mechanical issues that may contribute to poor fuel economy is important – and we’re here to help keep everything running as it should under the hood!

Kelowna Oil Change Service

oil change in kelowna

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Your engine can have as many as 200 moving parts. You want all them need to slide smoothly against each other or the consequences can be costly.

Our professionals at Car Craft use TerraClean Engine Oil Cleaner. This very effective product infuses the engine oil with a detergent, which cleans the entire oil system without damaging it. All the contaminants are trapped by the solution and carried away, leaving your engine as clean as the day it left the factory.

Changing your oil on a regular basis is a lot cheaper than paying to have your engine rebuilt or paying for more fuel than necessary. Car Craft is here to help with that!

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