Installing Dual Brakes: Managing Safety for Driving Schools in Kelowna

Installing dual brakes for driving schools in Kelowna offers numerous benefits, both for instructors and students. We want to share some key advantages with driving schools in Kelowna, helping weigh the advantages – which may very well be worth the investment!

The Benefits of Installing Dual Brakes

Dual pedals deliver benefits for both students and instructors, along with drivers and pedestrians. Here’s why…

Safety & Control

Dual brakes provide an additional layer of safety during driving lessons. Instructors can intervene quickly if a student makes a mistake or is unable to react quickly, potentially preventing accidents or collisions.

Confidence & Peace of Mind

Knowing that there’s an experienced instructor ready to assist can boost the confidence of nervous or inexperienced drivers. This assurance encourages students to practice and learn without the fear of making critical errors.

This reassurance promotes a more relaxed and focused learning environment.

Risk Reduction

By having an extra set of controls, the risk of accidents or damage to the vehicle is minimized. In addition, parents are more likely to choose a school that prioritizes these types of safety measures.

Installing dual brakes in Kelowna is a wise investment – and we can help!

Managing Safety for Driving Schools in Kelowna

Driving Schools in Kelowna

As mentioned on our dual pedal system page

Keep you and your students safe with our dual control pedal systems! This kit gives you the ability to take full control of the Brake, Gas or Clutch from the passenger seat via a cable and pulley system that runs along the floor, tucked up behind the dashboard and completely out of sight! Our kits and workmanship make it look like your car was equipped with passenger side pedals right from the factory!

Curious to know more? Feel free to contact us directly for pricing and availability, and allow us to help you manage the safety within your driving school in Kelowna.

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